Two days ago I shared my list of TOP 15 Favorite Books/Authors Of 2019, where I mentioned there were actually a lot more favorites I was dying to mention. In fact, over 40 further authors had one or more books with a 4,5 star rating last year, which is basically a normal 5 star rating as I use my 5 stars as an A++. Yes, that is over 40 authors, and somehow I had to bring that back to 20, with a whole lot of sweat and tears involved. Honestly, I really wanted to mention every single one, but this post is too long as it is… So a special mention to the honorable mentions of the honorable mentions: just because you weren’t named here doesn’t mean I didn’t love reading your story last year! ❤

On to the honorable mentions who made the cut… Ready for 20 more favorite books/authors I was lucky enough to read during 2019? Once again in alphabetical order, because I’m not picking favorites between these. 😉


With The Fire On High (4,5 stars): From that gorgeous cover to the very last page this story simply delivers. With The Fire On High turned out to be the perfect YA realistic fiction recipe with a dash of slowburn romance to sweeten it all. FULL REVIEW


Cradle To Grave (4,5 stars): If you are looking for a detective thriller series that keeps delivering, a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end or simply a very engaging and absorbing read, you will find all those things are covered in every single Detective Kay Hunter book. FULL REVIEW

The Friend Who Lied (4,5 stars): I discovered Rachel Amphlett definitely has more than one genre under her belt! If you are wondering what your next psychological thriller should be, you have just found your recommendation. FULL REVIEW


Us Against You (4,5 stars): There is no doubt that Fredrik Backman has done it again! It’s not my absolute favorite story of his, but without doubt an excellent albeit heartbreaking read. FULL REVIEW

And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer (4,5 stars): Novellas can go either way for me, as I normally prefer a more developed story, but there are exceptions where I’m able to connect to a short story in the same way. And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer is one of those exceptions. FULL REVIEW


The Closer I Get (4,5 stars): Evocative, daunting, well versed and simply shocking… The Closer I Get will leave you breathless and disquieted about your own online presence and the possible consequences and dangers it entails. FULL REVIEW


The Enchanted (4,5 stars): The writing, the magical realism, the characters, the contrast of the fantastical and brutal reality… It’s true that The Enchanted is not for everyone, but the right person will be just as enchanted as I found myself to be. FULL REVIEW


My Lovely Wife (4,5 stars): A double dose of secret identities, two serial killers, a conspiracy plot, lots of twists and one heck of a shocking surprise as the story takes a turn you won’t see coming… If you haven’t read My Lovely Wife yet, make sure to clear your schedule before you start, because trust me, you will find yourself unable to stop reading. FULL REVIEW


Here To Stay (4,5 stars):  There is no doubt that this book was everything I hoped for and more. I basically felt uncomfortable and threatened during the whole book… It’s hands down one of the most frustrating stories I’ve had the chance to read this year, but strangly enough this feeling only made me appreciate this story even more. FULL REVIEW


The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen (4,5 stars): Hendrik Groen is without doubt a character that will stay with me for a long time! Funny, entertaining and heartfelt: fans of strong main characters, sarcastic humor and A Man Called Ove should consider The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen a must-read. FULL REVIEW


The Dry (4,5 stars): The author did a fantastic job of setting the right atmosphere for this story and portray what the weather and lack of rain can do to a whole town. If you enjoy reading the genre, The Dry is without doubt a must-read! FULL REVIEW


Daisy Jones & The Six (4,5 stars): With this new story she has once again proven to me she belongs on my list of favorite authors. What a read! It’s a truly unique rock ‘n roll story that is ready to rock your socks off.  FULL REVIEW


The Family (4,5 stars): The Family is definitely one of those psychological thrillers you will want to read in one sitting! And between the plot, writing, character development, secrets and twists, you will find it a very easy job to do just so. Fans of the genre are missing out if they haven’t read The Family or her other titles yet! FULL REVIEW


Breakers (4,5 stars): Breakers is an absolutely fantastic and brutal story that fans of the genre will most likely devour in one sitting. I know I did! FULL REVIEW


Circe (4,5 stars): I can see why Circe wouldn’t be for everyone, but if you enjoy Greek mythology retellings and don’t mind a slower pace at times, you will most likely enjoy it as much as I did. FULL REVIEW


Tunnel Of Bones (4,5 stars): You will find paranormal elements, humor, friendship, a dose of forboding and a hint of danger, all sprinkled with that French je ne sais quoi that makes you love every single page of this story. Is it too soon to ask about the next book yet? I’m seriously addicted to this series. FULL REVIEW

The Archived (4,5 stars): The Archived is one of her earlier series and not as widely known as some of her other books, but it is without doubt one worth discovering. FULL REVIEW


Exquisite (4,5 stars): Exquisite is an excellent psychological thriller that will give you all the feels and will most definitely manage to shock you before you reach the final page. Simply exquisite and absolutely worth the read if you enjoy the genre! FULL REVIEW


Before She Knew Him (4,5 stars): Before She Knew Him is well written, suspenseful and has an enormous plot twist bomb towards the end that will leave you with your mouth hanging wide open.  FULL REVIEW


The Death Of Mrs Westaway (4,5 stars): The Death Of Mrs. Westaway was a delightfully twisty and eerie psychological thriller packed with secrets and a dangerous side. If you are a fan of the genre, you will most likely have a great time with this one. FULL REVIEW

The Turn Of The Key (4,5 stars): When I started hearing people mention her newest story The Turn Of The Key was even better, I knew I had to read it myself ASAP to see if I would have the same reaction. And blow me away it did! Holy guacamole, what an ending!!  FULL REVIEW


The Willow Woman (4,5 stars): The Willow Woman is both excellently written and well constructed; the intricate plot, foreign setting with insights in Chinese culture and spirituality, abundance of characters and what you can roughly call a conspiracy angle making for a most fascinating read. FULL REVIEW


The Bird King (4,5 stars): The Bird King is without doubt just as beautiful as that stunning cover. It’s a perfect mix of historical fiction elements, a magical realism feel and fantasy elements…Fans of slower-paced historical fiction stories who don’t mind a little fantasy mixed in will most likely enjoy this fantastic story as much as I did. FULL REVIEW


Colombiano (4,5 stars): Colombiano is hands down one of the best books I’ve read so far this year and definitely worth your time if the topic interests you. Between the writing style, characters, descriptions and plot you will have no idea this story is that long as you will find yourself turning those pages with gusto. FULL REVIEW

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this list! Did you or are you planning to read any of these yourself? Do we share any of these favorites?


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