It’s All About Books goes light during 2020

It’s not the first time I’m writing one of these posts, but sadly I’ve had to make the decision to take a little step back from the blogging world and focus on self care and the simple joy of reading in the next eleven months of 2020. I’ve been struggling with a blogging slump for a long time now, and I’ve tried all kinds of tricks to overcome it, but none seemed to work properly and keeping up with all things blogging has increasingly become a chore instead of a hobby. That’s why I have decided to go ‘light’ during 2020 and limit my time blogging and using bookish social media… Although it’s not the only reason.

I’ve also decided to take a step back to focus on my health again. Most of you don’t know, but I have the Hashimoto disease, which basically means my thyroid hormones are under constant attack from antibodies, leaving me without sufficient thyroid hormones for my body to function properly. I’m medicated, but antibodies can flare up and it’s kind of a vicious circle… And with an already slow metabolism, Hashimoto (a form of hypothyroidism) makes it even harder to keep that weight in check. The thing is… I’ve been neglecting aka ignoring my health in recent years and it has really come up to the point that I have to kick myself and do something about it. I finally started about two weeks ago, changed my eating habit to mostly fruits and vegetables and doing exercise for 1-3 hours a day… This time has to come from somewhere, and I’ve been having even less time to blog and read.

So: what will this whole going light mean for It’s All About Books?

# I will still post quite frequently thanks to the magic of scheduling posts, although I probably won’t be posting daily anymore…

# I will still join a select few blog tours and still read a limited amount of ARCs, but only of books I’m superexcited about and would read anyway as soon as they come out. This means I will only accept a select few ARC review requests for the rest of the year.

# Instead of ARC obligations, I will be mostly reading my own titles and I hope to rediscover the joy of reading just for myself again. Backlist and new releases alike, but without obligations that can take the fun out of reading.

# I’m going to try and bloghop and answer comments 1-2 times a week (or more if I can), but not stress out if I can’t because I don’t have time. Real life and self care comes first in 2020!

# Social media time will be severly restricted. I don’t think I will be active on my bookstagram account much, as it simply takes up to much time… Likewise, I have been and will be less active on Twitter, although I will probably still be there lurking around at least once a day.

I will miss being around more, but I hope taking this step back will have me fully refreshed and healthy again by 2021. A huge thanks to everyone in the book community for being so fabulous!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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40 thoughts on “It’s All About Books goes light during 2020

  1. I totally respect your decision and can relate as I’m experiencing much the same thing in my life. Treatment for unchecked Grave’s disease has left me with a sort-of artificially-induced form of Hashimoto’s and I too struggle with weight and health issues. It seems never-ending at times but you do have to put yourself first at some point, focus on that and stay as positive as you can.

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    • I’m so sorry to hear that! Are you just medicated with artificial thyroid hormones or did you have to get surgery to have your thyroid glands removed as well? I’m lucky I guess for still having mine at least; it’s mostly the enormous amount of antibodies that brings me down. xD Fingers crossed Hashimoto will play nice with us both! xx


    • Aww thank you! ❤ It definitely feels great to finally stop procrastinating and do something about the whole situation… Looking forward to the three month mark to officially turn my new eating and exercise regime into a healthy habit. xx

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    • Procrastinating is the worst! I’ve been doing it for so long now (read: years) and it’s definitely come to the point that I have to face the music and do something about it. The good thing is that even only two weeks into the new eating and exercise regime, I already feel so much better… Fingers crossed it will be easy to keep up with it all! And don’t worry, I will still stalk you. 😉 ❤


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  4. I think that’s great that you want to focus on your health again, that’s very important! I am wishing you all the luck and the best. I think it’ll be nice that you’ll get to read more of your own titles. I know sometimes getting swamped with ARCs takes away from that. Like with my current TBR that I made, it’s mostly ARCs, so not sure if I will have time for very many of my own books this month.

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    • I already feel better so I hope I can stick to the healthier lifestyle this time around. 😉 And yes, it’s so easy to get swamped with ARCs! It’s been really hard turning most down, but being able to read backlist titles again does make up for it. I hope you will enjoy your ARCs at least! xx

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  5. I tend to schedule posts for the week and then kind of ignore blogging until the next week. I find I enjoy it more if I set aside time one day a week to engage than making myself log in every day. And I feel you on the thyroid stuff. I have an underactive thyroid and have been on medication since I was twelve. I definitely have no metabolism and losing weight is the worst. I’m actually not sure if I have Hashimoto’s. My cousin was diagnosed with it a year ago and went on medication and had all these diet restrictions. So when I went into my next check up I inquired about it and they basically said they didn’t know because my records from when I first came in weren’t digitized, but they wouldn’t be surprised if I had it and they were already addressing it with medication, so I kind of let it go…

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    • Good to know I’m not the only one, both on the scheduling posts and thyroid issues… I’m sorry you have to deal with hypothyroidism as well. It’s actually quite easy to detect Hashimoto’s with a simple extra blood test to check for antibodies whenever you are scheduled to do a bloodtest for a thyroid hormones check (if they do that where you live). I personally don’t really have diet restrictions except for the first 3 hours after I take my medication, but I solved that by taking my medication at 5AM so I can eat whatever I want by the time I eat breakfast. 😉 I guess there are different levels of Hashimoto as it depends on how well your thyroid works? Mine is still producing hormones and not enlarged the last time I had it checked, so it’s mostly the enormous amount of antibodies attacking the hormones my body produces that screws me over. xD

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  9. Just found your site. Sorry to find it after you decided to go “lite,” but I completely understand and will look out for your lite posts. I also wanted to introduce you to someone else that has Hashimoto’s. She is a Vlogger, but has to go lite many times due to her illness. I’ll bet you and she might have a thing or two in common. Here’s her FB page:


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