Romance Recs: what to read if it isn’t your favorite genre

❤ ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤ ❤

Wait, what?! A romance post on It’s All About Books?! I know, I know, I think most of you are already aware of the fact I’m not a big romance fan, and I normally tend to stay well away from the genre… Especially if there are steamy/sexy scenes involved and most definitely if the book involves one or more shirtless dudes on the cover. BUT. There have been exceptions in the past where I really enjoyed and even loved a romance story. There are a select few authors that have made me fall in love with a genre that is normally not for me, and I thought today would be a perfect excuse to share some of those books and authors with you… And maybe help fellow allergic-to-romance reader find a title they might enjoy too.

The books below belong to a selection of different subgenres, but all have romance as an essential part of the plot. I’ve decided to stick with adult titles only this time around; some light on the romance while others are definitely more steamy, but all books that have received at least a 4 star rating from me. Ready to see my recommendations? Click on the links to go to my full reviews of each title!

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