April, April, what to say about you? I’ve been going stir crazy after over six weeks of obligatory quarantine and not being able to go outside unless it’s in our garden… (Before you ask: we have a country wide lockdown in Argentina and nobody is allowed to go outside for exercise or social visits; only for shopping for essentials between 7AM and 5PM and those people with essential jobs. Of course I wouldn’t go out in the first place as the Hashimoto’s disease made sure I’m high risk…) Anxiety has been high, especially since we now officially have the virus in our town too… I’ve been distracting myself with books, baking, drawing and my pets, but it’s been hard to focus especially on all things blogging and social media. I guess all the unplanned baking did mean lots of treats to eat; my hubby isn’t complaining haha. A selection below, although I confess I made lots more. xD I also loved how the latest bookmark came out!

The bookish numbers:

  • Number of books read in April: 24
  • Total number of books read in 2020: 83
  • Total number of pages read in April: 7.644
  • Total number of pages read in 2020: 27.432

I managed to read a lot in April, probably partly thanks to the OWLs Magical Readathon, but I also had quite a few short and quick reads… But even though I did find a new 5 star read, as a whole I haven’t been all that lucky with my reading choices. No less than 10 titles were 3 star or below and that even includes a DNF… And only 4 books received an (almost) perfect rating. Fingers crossed May will bring me more luck!


5 STARS: Absolutely and entirely mind blowing! I suggest you to pick up a copy now.

Good Samaritans – by Will Carver

4.5 STARS: This one was almost perfect. Surely fantastic! 

The Murder Game – by Rachel Abbott // What Lies Between Us – by John Marrs // The Creak On The Stairs – by Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir

4 STARS: Wow, this was really good. Close to amazing!

The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd – by Agatha Christie // Where She Went – by Gayle Forman // Sister – by Kjell Ola Dahl // The Sign Of Four – by Arthur Conan Doyle // The Curious Charms Of Arthur Pepper – by Phaedra Patrick // The Apartment – by K.L. Slater // The Light Between Oceans – by M.L. Stedman // Woven In Moonlight – by Isabel Ibañez

3.5 STARS: Great read. Really entertaining!

Little Whispers – by K.L. Slater // Danny The Champion Of The World (REREAD) – by Roald Dahl

3 STARS: It was a nice read, but not fantastic.  

VOX – by Christina Dalcher // Broken Branches – by M. Jonathan Lee // One Summer In Paris – by Sarah Morgan // The One-In-A-Million Boy – by Monica Wood

2.5 STARS: I give this one the benefit of the doubt. Nothing too exciting.

Ruthless Gods – by Emily A. Duncan

2 STARS: It was ok. But mostly ‘meh’. 

Living Dead In Dallas – by Charlaine Harris // Meet Cute – by Helena Hunting // From Twinkle, With Love – by Sandhya Menon // The Guest Cat – by Takashi Hiraide

0 STARS (DNF): I didn’t even bother to finish this one. Either horrible or definitely not for me!

The Girl In The Tree – by Sebnem Isiguzel

I’ve decided to only join a limited amount of 2020 to focus more on the joy of reading without obligations again… And somehow I have managed to finish the first goal already! I’ve been reading a lot of backlist titles and classics, and thanks to that I have completed my Reading Through The Centuries challenge eight months early. I’m also almost done with the Netgalley challenge (I will finish that one in May as I have more than two NG ARCs due) and the Beat The Backlist Challenge is going really well too. I’m so happy that over 70% of the books I read so far this year were actually published before 2020!


As for my other goals… I wasn’t able to get my ARC/backlist ratio below 40% again, but I did bring down the ratio 1%… I hope to get it below 40% again in May, although I do have quite a few ARCs to read. I’m doing better than expected with my international authors/translation goal though!


  • Read at least 3 (modern) classics (rereads don’t count) DONE!! 3/3 (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang // A Study In Scarlet // The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)
  • Complete at least 10 series (rereads don’t count) 3/10 (Feverwake // Lacey Flint // If I Stay)
  • Reread at least 2 books 2/2 (Deep Blue Trouble // Pippi Longstocking)
  • Bring my physical TBR pile below 600 books and keep it that way. 721/600
  • Read at least one book over 800 pages 0/1 (highest page count 774 pages; She Has A Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be)
  • Keep ARC/backlist title ratio below 40% 40,9%
  • Read at least 2 books in Spanish 1/2 (Harry Potter Y Las Reliquias De La Muerte)
  • Read at least 1 book in Dutch 0/1 
  • Read at least 15 international authors and/or translations  10/15 (Dark Mother Earth (Croatia DNF) // My Sister, The Serial Killer (Nigeria) // Perfume (Germany) // Death Deserved (Norway) // Blue Night (Germany) // Pippi Longstocking (Sweden) // Sister (Norway) // The Girl In The Tree (Turkey) // The Creak On The Stairs (Iceland) // The Guest Cat (Japan))
  • Read at least 10 TBR jar picks 3/10 (Like This For Ever // What We Saw // The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry)
  • Join at least 5 challenges during the year DONE!! 5/5 
  • Keep my Netgalley ratio above the 80% 96% 

Stay safe and happy reading! 


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