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I’ve finally picked up Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts, a title I’ve been wanting to read ever since I first heard about it last year… I probably already finished it by the time this post goes live, as I’ve been flying through it. I also started Good Girl by Miranda Smith, which is a short read so I might just finish it by the end of tonight… I’m going to start Somebody’s Daughter by Carol Wyer straight after as I’ve been dying to know how things will continue for Natalie Ward.


1. You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen (3/5 stars) REVIEW 07/06
I know, I know, I should have known to stay away from yet another hyped book… Especially since my first experience with this author duo, The Wife Between Us, failed to hit the mark back when I read it in 2018. But I just couldn’t resist taking a peek anyway, and I think I have just confirmed to myself the writing of Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen might just not be for me. I’m not saying that You Are Not Alone is a bad read; I think the writing itself is solid and I’m impressed by the fact how well the story flows with two different authors wielding the pen. That said, I can’t say I was blown away by this story either.

2. The Republic Of Birds by Jessica Miller (3/5 stars) REVIEW 19/06
I know I don’t read a lot of middle grade stories to begin with, but I’m trying to change that and read at least 10 before the end of the year. I was mesmerized by The Republic Of Birds as soon as I saw the cover, and when I read the blurb and saw the mention of Russian folklore I thought this story would be a perfect fit. What I didn’t expect is that I would end up having mixed thoughts instead…

3. The Child by Sebastian Fitzek (4/5 stars) REVIEW 07/06
I bought a copy of this book on a whim last year, as I was fully hooked after reading the first line of the blurb. I mean, having a ten-year-old main character who claims to be a serial killer… How could I say no to that?! I’m definitely glad I got a copy of The Child now, because it turned out to be a shocking, very much disturbing but also intriguing ride.

4. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon (2/5 stars) REVIEW 10/06
I know I’m probably the last person on the planet to read this book… I’m not sure why I never did, but at least I now know what all the references to this story are about. Sadly, it turned out to be yet another unpopular opinion review though. Oh yes, unfortunately The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time and me weren’t ment to be…

5. Evil At Heart by Chelsea Cain (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW 14/06
This is the second time my TBR jar had to remind me I needed to continue this series… I’m not sure why, as I loved the first two books, but it is not happening again as I’m now determined to finish the series ASAP. Book three Evil At Heart is without doubt another winner. I have a weak spot for serial killer and detective thrillers, and this series gives us best of both worlds by putting Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell and detective Archie Sheridan in the spotlight.

6. The Night Season by Chelsea Cain (3,5/5 stars) REVIEW 14/06
I decided to read The Night Season straight after book three, because when you are on a roll, you are on a roll… And I was also in the mood to spend more time with Archie and Gretchen. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Beauty Killer Gretchen hardly made her appearance in book four! The Night Season is the first book of the series without a heart element in the title, and also the first where Gretchen isn’t in the spotlight… And it shows.


I’m trying to make a dent in my ARC mountain, so next up is Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West. I’m also reading Sorry I Missed You by Suzy Krause soon for the same reason… Then it’s back to thriller ARCs with Left For Dead by Caroline Mitchell. And I have a new TBR jar pick! Broken Hearts, Fences And Other Things To Mend by Katie Finn, which might help me distract myself from the cold weather. Winter is coming indeed!


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