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I’m currently reading upcoming blog tour read The Last To Know by Jo Furniss, which I’ve heard fantastic things about. I’ll also be starting The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson as I’m in the mood for a change of genre… I’m not sure how long it will take to finish these though, as the painting has started in earnest and I haven’t had much spare time to read as a result. xD


1. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel (2/5 stars) REVIEW 11/08
So… I’m still not sure what happened here, but I guess it is unpopular opinion time again? I loved Station Eleven back when I read it in 2018, and I fully expected to have a repeat experience in The Glass Hotel. It was one of my most anticipated releases this year, and I still can’t wrap my head around my negative reaction to the writing and story itself. It might just be that I’m not in the right mindset for this story right now, but the fact is… I REALLY didn’t enjoy my time with The Glass Hotel.

2. I Am The Night by Ethan Cross (1/5 stars) REVIEW 10/08
I have a weak spot for serial killer thrillers, so as soon as I read the blurb of I Am The Night I knew I HAD to read it. I’ve been looking forward to read it ever since, and I fully expected to have a brilliant time with this first book of a series that is being republished… Sadly, things weren’t ment to be. I’m going to keep things short in my review as I honestly don’t have much to say about this book, but I’ll be explaining briefly why this book ended up being such a disappointment for me.

3. Dark Pines by Will Dean (4/5 stars) REVIEW 11/08
I always love a good Nordic noir story and I’ve been meaning to start this series for a while now… And my first experience with Tuva was without doubt a positive one! I can’t wait to read the next two books very soon.

4. Bad Parts by Brandon McNulty (AUDIO) (3,5/5 stars) REVIEW 14/08
I picked this Netgalley audio ARC on a whim as I wanted another audiobook to listen to while working on our home improvement project… I don’t usually read supernatural thrillers, but this story did the trick for me and made for hours of entertainment while painting.


I really need to read When I Was You by Amber Garza as my blog tour stop is coming up… I also need to get to early September blog tour read Roads Out Of Winter by Alison Stine for the same reason. Afterwards it’s another 20 Books Of Summer title with Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, which I’ve been wanting to read for a long time now. My newest TBR jar pick Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf will probably have to wait until at least mid August, as I really don’t have time for it right now (and I also have a bunch of other reads I want to read first 😉 ).


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