WWW Wednesdays #283 – September 2nd

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I’m in a bit of a beginning reading and blogging slump right now, so I’m hoping a little change of genre will bring a stop to that before it becomes worse… I’m keeping my fingers crossed The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page will do its job. I’ve also started Knock Knock by Chris Merritt as I have an ARC of the sequel due soon.


1. The Memories We Bury by H.A. Leuschel (4/5 stars) BLOG TOUR REVIEW
I was positively impressed by Helene Leuschel‘s short story collection Manipulated Lives as well as her stand-alone novella My Sweet Friend a few years back, so of course I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to join the blog tour for her first ‘full novel’ psychological thriller. She has a way of describing the psychological aspects and effects of manipulation that is both realistic and extremely thorough, and after reading the blurb of The Memories We Bury I could just feel it in my bones I was in for another absolute treat. And that is exactly what this story turned out to be!

2. Road Out Of Winter by Alison Stine (3,5/5 stars) BLOG TOUR REVIEW 07/09
Look out for my thoughts during my stop of the blog tour!!

3. Deadly Waters by Dot Hutchison (2/5 stars) REVIEW 05/09
Oh boy… I didn’t expect to have this reaction to Dot Hutchison‘s newest story at all. I mean, I loved her The Collector books, and I fully expected to have a similar reaction to Deadly Waters. I confess I requested it months ago without even reading the blurb (something I do when I’ve loved multiple books by an author), and started reading this story without reading the already available reviews… I kind of wish I would have now, because they would have been a warning. Basically, this book is an over the top, exaggerated man hating world where all men are abusing, rapist bastards and the girls in college are in constant danger. This anger and hate literally streams out off the pages and REALLY made this a very unappetizing read, and combined with the undeveloped character cliches, the exaggerated plot with excessive violence and attacks and lack of credibility in general, I really wish I would have just DNFed it instead.


I have a pile of ARCs and blog tours due soon, so I hope the slump will go away soon…The Wife by Shalini Boland is up first, and then it’s two upcoming September blog tour titles: The Seven Doors by Agnes Ravatn and The Orphan Of Cemetery Hill by Hester Fox. And I don’t think I will be able to get to my latest TBR jar pick Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf during September either… Unless a miracle happens. xD


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September 2020 TBR

So… Bookish August. As I already suspected, I wasn’t able to read much during August. The whole painting/redecorating stage of our home improvement project took up most of my time, and the fact that I was able to cross off a couple titles at all was mostly due to the last week of August as I decided to take a little break from the last pending moving tasks after we finally moved in. 😉 I still want to read the titles I didn’t get to last month some time soon and a few even reappear on my September TBR, but it might take a while longer than expected.

>>> Find a complete list of my TBR on Goodreads <<<

I will be mostly focusing on my pending ARCs in September, as I have a LOT due soon and I want to get ahead again so I can take things easier during October. Most of the titles below are ARCs, with a few other titles thrown in to mix things up. We’ll see how many I can actually read this time around! xD

# TBR #

  • The Minders by John Marrs (400 pages) NETGALLEY
  • A Boy And His Dog At The End Of The World by C.A. Fletcher (384 pages)
  • Flowers For The Dead by Barbara Coppertwaite (353 pages) NETGALLEY
  • How To Stop Time by Matt Haig (331 pages)
  • The Trouble With Goats And Sheep by Joanna Cannon (369 pages)

  • A Song Of Isolation by Michael J. Malone (300 pages) BLOG TOUR 21/09
  • Remember Me by Mario Escobar (384 pages) NETGALLEY
  • Who’s Next? by Chris Merritt (449 pages) NETGALLEY
  • The Wife by Shalini Boland (292 pages) NETGALLEY
  • Dead Wrong by Noelle Holten (432 pages)

  • The Seven Doors by Agnes Ravatn (276 pages)  BLOG TOUR 13/09
  • Confessions On The 7:45 by Lisa Unger (368 pages) NG BLOG TOUR 06/10
  • The Orphan Of Cemetery Hill by Hester Fox (384 pages) NG BLOG TOUR 22/09
  • The Coast-To-Coast Murders by James Patterson & JD Barker (560 pages) NETGALLEY
  • The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page (416 pages)

Have you read any of these and/or do you recommend them?


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