Month In Review: August 2020

How on earth is it September already?! Seriously, how is it possible that we only have four months left of this year?! I’m not sure where 2020 is going, although I can’t deny I’ll be glad to see the end of it. August was all about our redecorating project and moving in afterwards, and we’ve spent the month painting like crazy and getting everything ready to move in next door. We finally managed to do so about two weeks ago, and although there are still some minor tasks to complete, we are more than happy with the result so far. The whole ordeal did leave me feeling slightly slumpy though, so fingers crossed a little relaxing (and yes, baking!) will chase that slump away before it sticks…

Below two ‘before’ (or rather ‘during’ as I forgot to take pictures before we first started) and ‘after’ shots in case you were wondering why I have been absent lately. 😉 Also, I’m in love with my new bookcase!!! ❤

Next: the bookish numbers.

  • Number of books read in August: 8
  • Total number of books read in 2020: 165
  • Total number of pages read in August: 2.670
  • Total number of pages read in 2020: 55.262

As I already suspected, I wasn’t able to read much during August. It’s a miracle I even made it to eight books at all to be honest, even though it’s been ages since my total has been this low. In fact, the last time I read less than 15, let alone less than 10 books, was back in April-May 2018 when we went on our Eurotrip… That said, at least I did enjoy most of the books I picked up last month, so that is at least something I guess.

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