Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! This time two completely different genres, but both titles I ended up enjoying considerably. The Saturday Morning Park Run was an emotional and mostly uplifting contemporary, and Force Of Nature turned out to be an excellent thriller.

Title: The Saturday Morning Park Run
Author: Jules Wake

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
First published: August 29th 2020
Publisher: One More Chapter
Finished reading: December 17th 2020
Pages: 373

“You could spend a lifetime worrying about what others think of you and where would that get you?”


I have a weak spot for contemporaries with older main characters in the spotlight, and as soon as I read the blurb of The Saturday Morning Park Run I was sold. It sounded like the perfect feel good read for whenever I was in need for a break from thrillers, and the other day I decided to pick it up on a whim. While it has more heavier moments than I initially would have expected, I still had a great time with this story. After some minor speedbumps in the beginning, where I struggled a bit getting used to the writing style and wasn’t too sure of the main characters yet, as soon as Hilda shows up things improve drastically. It is her character that really takes this story to the next level, and I could also really appreciate how The Saturday Morning Park Run isn’t just about the romance, but also about family, the community and working together towards a common goal. I loved the park run element too, and especially how big of a role it played both in the plot and in the lives of the main characters. I literally finished this story in one sitting, and fans of uplifting and emotional contemporaries will have a great time with this one.

Title: Force Of Nature
(Aaron Falk #2)
Author: Jane Harper

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
First published: September 26th 2017
Publisher: Abacus
Finished reading: December 19th 2020
Pages: 421

“It’s the panic that gets you. Makes it hard to trust what you’re seeing.”


I LOVED The Dry when I read it last year and I had a physical copy of the sequel ready to read straight after finishing it, but somehow I never actually did pick it up until now… Don’t ask me why, as I still don’t understand it myself. I’m glad I finally did now, because while Force Of Nature has a completely different feel than the first book, it still has Aaron Falk and it still gives us that harsh and unforgiving Australian bushland setting. In fact, the Giralang Ranges setting is probably the main reason this story stood out for me, as this remote bushland setting plays a key role in the plot and really sets the right atmosphere for this story. The idea of the corporate retreat and the ‘people against nature‘ element might not be new, but it is excellently done and I had a great time seeing the different characters react to the increasingly dire situation. I liked the structure of the plot too, where we switch between the present with Aaron Falk and Amanda and the past where we slowly learn more about what happened during those days before Alice disappeared during the retreat. Lots of little twists and secrets are being introduced, designed to add suspense and send you on the wrong track… Another bonus: I definitely didn’t see those final reveals coming at all! And her writing style is just so damn easy to read and highly addictive too. I definitely can’t wait to read her other two pending titles now.

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