Wait, what?! A romance post on It’s All About Books?! I know, I know, I think most of you are already aware of the fact I’m not a big romance fan, and I normally tend to stay well away from the genre… Especially if there are steamy/sexy scenes involved and most definitely if the book involves one or more shirtless dudes on the cover. BUT. There have been exceptions in the past where I really enjoyed and even loved a romance story. There are a select few authors that have made me fall in love with a genre that is normally not for me, and since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I thought today would be a perfect excuse to share some of those books and authors with you… And maybe help fellow allergic-to-romance reader find a title they might enjoy too.

Some might remember that I already shared a list of romance recommendations last year, and today I will be looking at titles I’ve been able to read and enjoy since that post. The books below belong to a selection of different subgenres, but all have romance incorporated into the plot. Some are light on the romance while others are definitely more steamy, but all books that have received at least a 4 star rating from me. Ready to see my recommendations? Click on the links to go to my full reviews of each title!


# The Match ((4,5 stars) by Sarah Adams #
“There was just something about both the characters and the writing itself that made me warm up to the story straight away… The fact that there is a lot of focus on dogs and that the story has a disability rep is of course a big bonus too.”
# You Had Me At Hola (4 stars) by Alexis Daria #
“This turned out to be such a fun and uplifting read! Definitely perfect if you enjoy the genre.”
# The Day We Meet Again (4,5 stars) by Miranda Dickinson #
The Day We Meet Again is a book that will both bring a smile to your face and might make you shed a tear or two… It’s a brilliant story full of love, self-discovery and wonderful characters you cannot help but fall for.
# Beach Read (4,5 stars) by Emily Henry #
“Beach Read is without a doubt one of my romance highlights of the year and I do hope she will write more similar stories in the future as I like the way she writes her romance.
# Heart Bones (5 stars) by Colleen Hoover #
Heart Bones will mess with your heart and feelings, but the journey is oh so worth it. A new CoHo favorite to add to the list!

# Kiss My Cupcake(4 stars) by Helena Hunting #
“Fans of the romcom genre who like their stories sweet as well as sexy will have a great time with this one.”
# Art And Soul (4 stars) by Claire Huston #
Art And Soul is a well written, delightful and uplifting slowburn romance with a healthy dose of cake and art to brighten up your day. “
# In A Holidaze (4 stars) and Love And Other Words (4 stars) and The Honey- Don’t List (4 stars) by Christina Lauren #
In A Holidaze is the perfect uplifting, heartwarming and cozy Chrismas read with a refreshing angle; definitely recommended if you are looking for a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit.”
“Sexy scenes and love triangle aside, I think this might be a new favorite Christina Lauren, and that is 100% thanks to both the characters and the writing in general.”
The Honey-Don’t List was definitely a perfect romance match for me.”

# The Switch (4,5 stars) by Beth O’Leary #
“This is both a fun and heartfelt story that will make you forget about your own problems for a little while… It’s the perfect escape from reality and the main characters will win over your heart in no time at all.”
# The Tourist Attraction (4 stars) by Sarah Morgenthaler #
“If you like your romances on the sweet side with a dose of banter and nature, The Tourist Attraction is a great match. “
# The Love Story Of Missy Carmichael (4 stars) by Beth Morrey #
“If you are craving a heartfelt contemporary with well developed characters and don’t mind shedding a tear or two, this debut is an excellent choice.
# The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill (4,5 stars) by Abbi Waxman #
“I love bookish elements in my stories, and this book sounded like a perfect fit… And I definitely ended up having a brilliant time with this story. 
# The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry (5 stars) by Gabrielle Zevin #
“Sad moments are combined with more happy ones, and The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry will most definitely play with your emotions. It’s a story that will stay with me for quite some time, and I already know I will want to reread it in the future!”


# The Bird And The Sword (4,5 stars) and Where The Lost Wander (4 stars) by Amy Harmon #
“Recommended to anyone who enjoys a well balanced YA high fantasy with thoroughly developed characters, magic and a dose of romance as well as danger.”
Where The Lost Wander is an excellent read and if you love slower and character-driven historical fiction with a wonderful cast of characters, a love story and a social conflict angle, you will find yourself falling hopelessly in love with this story.”

# The Ten Thousand Doors Of January (5 stars) by Alix E. Harrow #
“This story is complex, this story is stunningly written, this story fits so cleverly together once you have all the pieces… It’s an absolute masterpiece I cannot recommend enough. “
# The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue (5 stars) by V.E. Schwab #
“The writing is simply glorious, and somehow the slower pace actually did me a favor and made me slow down to fully savour each sentence. I do get why some people might find this story too slow or overlong, but I personally treasured every single minute I got to spend with Addie. “

Have you read any of my recommendations? Which romance titles would you recommend for someone who isn’t a big fan of the romance genre normally?

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