Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! This time around the first book of a YA fantasy series that turned out to be a success and a medical memoir that definitely lived up to expectations.

Title: Viper
(Isles Of Storm And Sorrow #1)
Author: Bex Hogan

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Adventure
First published: April 18th 2019
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books
Finished reading: February 11th 2021
Pages: 400

“We’re both products of my father. Both of us broken into pieces and stuck back together all wrong.”


This was a recommendation by Kelly @ From Belgium With Book Love and she hit the nail on the head! I’ve been seriously slacking with both my YA and my fantasy reads in recent months, and I decided to remedy that by picking up Viper almost immediately after she recommended it. The fact that the blurb sounded absolutely fantastic and even gave me Iron Islands (Game Of Thrones) vibes only made me reach for it quicker, and that glorious cover sealed the deal for me. And I most definitely liked what I found! A strong female main character, a ship, pirates, magic, danger, revenge… Viper has a lot of interesting ingredients to make this YA high fantasy story into a success, and I most definitely enjoyed my time with this first book of a series I already know that I will continue very soon. Sure, I could have done without the love triangle and the romance in general, but thankfully Viper mainly focuses on the other elements and there is lots of fighting, plotting and movement to keep you distracted. I definitely hope there will be more development of the magic in the sequel! If you like eventful YA high fantasy with strong characters, Viper is an excellent choice.

Title: This Is Going To Hurt
Author: Adam Kay

Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir
First published: September 7th 2017
Publisher: Picador
Finished reading: February 12th 2021
Pages: 285

“I’m all for explaining terminology as we go along, but if you don’t know what a stethoscope is, this is probably a book to regift.”


I’ve been meaning to read this memoir ever since it was first published four years ago, but somehow I never did… Until now that is. And I most definitely liked what I found! This Is Going To Hurt is a medical memoir told in the form of diary entries, and mixes dark humor with more heavy moments as well as hilarious anecdotes. The writing style and humor are definitely spot on for me, and I literally flew through this memoir. The complicated medical terms are kept to a minimum, and when they pop up they are usually explained at the end of each diary entry… Making it really easy to understand what each entry is about without having to resort to Google. This Is Going To Hurt shows us a realistic and honest account of a junior doctor during his time on the NHS front line; I honestly didn’t realize junior doctors had it this bad in the UK, and I honestly applaud the members of NHS in general for keeping up the care under such circumstances (especially in this new COVID reality). This Is Going To Hurt is a fun read as well as an eye opener and I can definitely recommend reading it!

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