Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! This time a contemporary romance and crime read I had my doubts about, but both ended up being my cup of tea after all.

Title: Spoiler Alert
(Spoiler Alert #1)
Author: Olivia Dade

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
First published: October 6th 2020
Publisher: Avon
Finished reading: March 1st 2021
Pages: 416

“If you truly love me in return, accept me as I am. If you can’t accept me as I am, maybe you need to rethink your definition of love.”


I’ve been curious about Spoiler Alert ever since I first heard about it as there aren’t enough books out there that promote body positivity and I loved the sound of the fanfiction element. I did receive warnings things could get rather steamy, which is most definitely not my cup of tea, but I crossed my fingers and toes and dived in anyway. To my surprise I had an excellent time with this story! True, there was quite some skimreading involved whenever another sexy scene appeared (holy guacamole, steamy is an understatement!), but as a whole I didn’t mind too much as I loved seeing the main characters evolve and grow over time. This book had both an excellent dyslexia and body positivity rep and I really loved just how important the fanfiction element was throughout. Spoiler Alert isn’t just about the romance, as we have all those elements in play and more, including family issues and parental pressure, body shaming, a Hollywood angle and dealing with fame… And you even get fragments of Gods Of The Gates fanfiction in between chapters. As a whole I found it to be a well developed and fulfilling romance read, and while I could have done with less steam I still can’t wait to read the sequel.

Title: Three Hours
Author: Rosamund Lupton

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: January 6th 2020
Publisher: Penguin
Finished reading: March 3rd 2021
Pages: 307

“We were Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane Hill, marching to the beat of three words.”


So many people seem to love Three Hours, and after seeing raving review after raving review I decided to give Rosamund Lupton‘s work a second chance. My first impression with her writing style in Sister wasn’t exactly positive, and while I did end up appreciating Three Hours a lot better, this book has also confirmed to me that her writing style simply isn’t for me. I still can’t put my finger exactly on the why, but there is something about the tone and style of the writing that just doesn’t seem to work for me… Add the fact that this story has so many different POVs and characters to juggle, and it took me a long long time to warm up to it. I think the saving grace for Three Hours was the plot itself, with the school shooting and Syrian refugee angle. This is such a difficult and complex element to read and write about, and I really think the author did an excellent job portraying the facts, events and emotions. This story was without doubt a slowburn for me, but once I was able to fit in everybody and got used to the writing style, I did start to enjoy it a lot better. I did guess the identities of the guilty party early on, which was a bit of a bummer, but I still wanted to see how everything would work out in the end. It’s a story that will keep you on your toes though, with a multiple POV structure as well as flashbacks and the exact time playing a crucial role. It’s also a story that raises important questions about school shootings, racism and refugees… And I can definitely understand why so many people rave about Three Hours now.

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