WWW WEDNESDAYS is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words and is all about answering the three questions below.

Just a little note: I will be away from my blog until April 2nd as today we are starting our trip to the Córdoba province… A week filled with (socially distanced) visits to some of the small tourist towns and nature attractions of the region. ❤ I have some posts scheduled in the next week, but I won’t be able to respond to comments or blog hop until I’m back. Take care everyone! xx


I’m finally reading One Of US Is Next by Karen M. McManus! It took me long enough haha. I hope to finish it before we arrive in Córdoba today, or I might not be able to finish it before the end of the month. If I do, I’m starting The Stand by Stephen King as my vacation read. Not that I expect to be getting very far into it… 😉


1. The One by John Marrs (5/5 stars) REREAD; NO REVIEW
I couldn’t resist a reread after binge watching the Netflix adaptation recently… I wanted to refresh my memories of the story, because the fact is: the adaptation is a VERY loose version of the original story. I feel that there is so much lost potential here! The only thing that links the two is the DNA matching, but it has different characters, a different plot, no serial killer angle… And I can go on and on. The series is still weirdly addictive, but nowhere near as good as the book; I’d give it a 3,5 star rating compared to the full 5 stars for the original The One. The reread was once again utterly fantastic though.

2. Danger In Numbers by Heather Graham (3,5/5 stars) REVIEW
I knew that I wanted to read Danger In Numbers as soon as I read the blurb. I always love a good crime thriller, and the mention of a cult element as well as a FBI angle made me even more excited to read this story. As a whole, I definitely ended up having a great time with this story! Danger In Numbers isn’t afraid to go dark as it dives into a violent and disturbing cult world… And you will find plenty of suspense along the way.

3. The Mountain In My Shoe by Louise Beech (5/5 stars) REVIEW 31/03
I’ve considered Louise Beech to be one of my absolute favorite authors ever since I first read one of her books, and I’ve been saving this final backlist title for a special occasion… And what better occasion than to read it as a birthday treat to myself?! I already knew I was going to love my time with The Mountain In My Shoe, and it most definitely turned out to be yet another story that blew me away. Speechless, book hangover, unable to put a proper sentence on paper… Oh yes, the Beech effect has struck again!

4. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron (4/5 stars) REVIEW 25/03
I’m still not sure why A Dog’s Purpose was never on my radar before… While I’m firmly in the cat person camp, I do also own a dog and love animals in general; the same goes for any story involving animals. The premise of A Dog’s Purpose with the story being actually told from the POV of a dog is SO unique! And I definitely understand the love for this book now… It’s a story that manages to provoke so many emotions, and while I didn’t actually cry, I did have a lump in my throat more than once.

5. Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone (2,5/5 stars) REVIEW 01/04
I loved the sound of the blurb and I had really highly hopes for this one, but sadly the story ended up being not the right fit for me. I didn’t realize this was actually mainly a magical realism story, a genre that can go both ways for me and tend to struggle to connect to. I still like the premise, but I had a really hard time staying invested in the story and even considered DNFing multiple times whenever the Mirrorland ‘alternate world’ popped up. The right person will probably love this story though.

6. The Mystery Of The Blue Train by Agatha Christie (4/5 stars) REVIEW 06/04
I’ve made a promise to myself to read more Poirot this year, and next up was The Mystery Of The Blue Train. I ended up having a great time with it!


I don’t think I will have time to read more books this month with the trip and everything, so these books will probably have to wait until April. First up is The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart as the publish date is getting really close. As my next light read I have the ARC of The Runaway Bride by Mary Jayne Baker lined up… And I still want to read a new (for me) John Marrs title after the recent reread, so I hope to pick up The Good Samaritan soon. My TBR jar pick My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell will probably have to wait until later in April as I need to get a few pending ARCs in first.

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