Hello and welcome to my stop of the Her Dark Lies blog tour! A huge thanks to Emer Flounders for inviting me to be part of this blog tour. There was just something about the blurb that made me want to read this story immediately, and I most definitely ended up having a great time with it. Want to know why? Please join me while I share my thoughts…

Title: Her Dark Lies
Author: J.T. Ellison
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
First published: March 9th 2021
Publisher: Mira
Finished reading: March 9th 2021
Pages: 416

“There is no destiny. Life is a series of chance encounters that arrange themselves into meaningful moments on a sliding scale between happiness and sadness, and then you die.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Mira in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


I’ve been meaning to try J.T. Ellison‘s books for quite some time now, and after reading the blurb of Her Dark Lies there was just no way I was going to be able to resist joining the blog tour for her newest title. And boy, did this story give an excellent first impression of her writing! It was hook, line and sinker and I couldn’t help turning page after page while I wondered how everything would end… Addictive, suspenseful and without doubt an excellent ride!

I have a weak spot for so-called ‘locked room‘ thrillers and while Her Dark Lies doesn’t actually belong to the subgenre, there is no doubt that it has that locked room vibe I so love. Why? Think about the main characters effectively being trapped on a small Italian island; the bad weather making it impossible to return to main land. Suddenly strange things are starting to happen and they soon realize just how dangerous the situation has become… Especially since the person who is behind it all can only be trapped on the island with them. How exciting of a premise is that?! Add the Italian island setting (I LOVE a foreign setting in my stories!) and I had nothing but high hopes this story would be a success… Which it most definitely turned out to be.

As the title might suggest already, there are a lot of lies and secrets involved in this story, and the plot is basically build on them. Not only do we have the wealthy Compton family with their past and secrets, but Claire Hunter has her own share of dark past and secrets as well… And then there are the lies relating to what is happening in the plot itself of course. The story uses a multiple POV structure to be able to develop the different characters more thoroughly, reveal certain information in key points of the plot as well as help building up the suspense and add plot twists in a successful way. There were definitely quite a few twists I didn’t see coming either!

As for the characters… I can’t say I actually liked them, but there is no denying that their development is done in a very realistic way. Each of them has their strengths as well as their flaws and contributes a little something extra to the plot… It was very interesting to see them all interact, learn more about them along the way as well as seeing them grow. I really liked the structure of the plot itself as well, and how we slowly get to learn more about the Comptons, Claire and the history of Isle Isola as well as all the secrets and lies involved. Most of the story is actually set on the Italian island, and I liked how the suspense and ominous feel was slowly build up. Bodies, secrets, lies and reveals start piling up as you keep turning those pages, and this is one of those stories that will be hard to put down until you figure out the final twists.

In short, Her Dark Lies was a highly entertaining, suspenseful and addictive thriller that has both a foreign setting and a locked room vibe. Most definitely recommended if you enjoy the genre!


J.T. Ellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 25 novels, and the EMMY® award winning co-host of the literary show A WORD ON WORDS. With millions of books in print, her work has won critical acclaim, prestigious awards, and has been published in 28 countries. She lives in Nashville with her husband and twin kittens.


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