Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! This time around two sequels belonging to two completely different genres, but both turned out to be winners for me.

Title: Dead Ground
(Washington Poe #4)
Author: M.W. Craven

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Detective
First published: June 3rd 2021
Publisher: Constable
Finished reading: August 8th 2021
Pages: 448

“If you opened Poe’s closet it would look like the entire cast of Walt Disney’s The Skeleton Dance were hiding in there.”


Oh Poe, I love you so!! The same goes for Tilly of course; together they are without doubt one of my favorite character duos and this series is one of my all time favorites. Even though I was trying to wait a little to make the wait for the next book shorter, I simply couldn’t resist Dead Ground any longer… I was simply too excited to be meeting up with these two again. And surprise surprise: it was another absolutely fantastic ride! I might be a bit biased when it comes to this series, but the fact is that I always enjoy ever single minute of my time with Tilly and Poe and the plot is once again brilliant. The banter, the mysterious murder case, things escalating, suspense, action, intrigue and a healthy dose of sarcastic humor and brilliant conversations; what’s not to love? I would suggest reading these in order to fully enjoy the character background and development, and every single book is absolutely worth your time in the first place. If you haven’t met Tilly and Poe yet and enjoy fast, action packed and entertaining detective thrillers, you should definitely find time to do so! Brilliant series, another brilliant sequel and is it time for the next one to be published yet?

Title: The Happy Ever After Playlist
(The Friend Zone #2)
Author: Abby Jimenez

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
First published: April 14th 2020
Publisher: Forever
Finished reading: August 10th 2021
Pages: 400

“Sometimes the hardest place to live is the one in-between.”


So… It’s no secret that the first book and me clashed considerably (I won’t go into details as they are in my review), but the fact is that I did enjoy the writing and the banter. This was enough for me to give the series a second chance, and especially since I was curious about what would happen to Sloan in the sequel… And I’m glad to say that The Happy Ever After Playlist worked so much better for me! There is a lot of focus on grief of course, but we also have lighter elements including a LOT of dog moments with Tucker and a lot of banter. Kirsten didn’t bother me that much in the sequel, and the interactions between her and Sloan (and Josh as well) were fun to read. Likewise, I really enjoyed the dynamics between Sloan and Jason; sure, things can be said about the whole situation being cliche and insta-love can get old fast, but somehow I wasn’t bothered by it all. The music element added a little something extra, and I liked how it shines a spotlight on the fact that just how much famous singers are being controlled behind the scenes… Some of the drama was a bit too cliche for me, but as a whole I had a great time reading The Happy Ever After Playlist and I will definitely be adding book three to my wishlist.

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