Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! This time around a 2021 most anticipated release that sadly failed to live up to expectations and a backlist title that did hit the mark for me.

Title: The Road Trip
Author: Beth O’Leary

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
First published: April 29th 2021
Publisher: Quercus
Finished reading: October 19th 2021
Pages: 400

“But that’s the thing about almost: you can be ninety-nine per cent there, you can be an inch away from doing it, but if you stop yourself from stepping over that line, nobody will ever know how close you were.”


After loving the author’s first two books The Flatshare and The Switch, it’s no surprise that her third title The Road Trip went straight to my list of most anticipated releases as soon as I first heard about it. The fact that I love a good road trip story only added to my excitement, until to my surprise the mixed reviews started coming in… It made me wonder if I should just leave this story be (and I now wish I had), but the curious part of me won in the end. Trust me, I definitely understand why people are so underwhelmed by this book, because sadly I’m now one of them. I’m not going into details as I don’t want this to turn into a full blown rant, but let’s just say that there were a lot of things in this story that didn’t work for me. One of my biggest issues probably had to do with the main characters themselves; I wasn’t able to warm up to any of them and felt the connection between Dylan and Addie to be too much like insta-lust and there wasn’t really that much focus on the building up of a relationship afterwards. I felt just so much frustration towards the characters in general, and even the road trip part of the story couldn’t make up for those feelings. There were some funny moments, but as a whole I found the story to be overlong and even surprisingly dull in parts. Especially the beginning dragged considerably, up to the point that I even started to consider simply DNFing it… And I confess that I even started to skimread in parts. Oh yes, sadly I’m definitely belonging to the group that didn’t get along with The Road Trip at all… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that her next book will make me fall in love with her writing again though.

Title: Snap
Author: Belinda Bauer

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
First published: May 3rd 2018
Publisher: Transworld Digital
Finished reading: October 20th 2021
Pages: 352

“Investigating a murder was like doing a jigsaw puzzle in the dark. The constant fingertip-feeling and testing and turning. The picking up and the putting down and the picking up again. The trying to make things fit.”


I’ve been meaning to try her work for quite some time now, and I was finally able to do so earlier this year with Exit. I absolutely loved my time with that story, and I’ve been looking forward to read more of her stories ever since. I love the mix of humor and crime and her writing style in general makes it SO easy to keep turning those pages… And Snap is no exception; in fact, it has only reconfirmed Belinda Bauer‘s spot on my list of favorite authors and favorite new discoveries of 2021. There is just something about her writing, plot development and characters that draws you straight in, and I already knew this story was going to be a hit for me after only a couple of pages. We have multiple POVs involved as well as some flashbacks to the past, and while there are tragic circumstances and heavier moments, as a whole there is also quite a lot of fun to be had. There is a lot of banter and (sarcastic) humor involved; something that might not sound right in a murder/burglary investigation, but Belinda Bauer makes it work. In fact, it gives her stories a rather refreshing twist and it’s part of the reason why Snap worked this well for me. I definitely can’t wait to read more of her backlist titles next!

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