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Soooo… What has been the ARC damage since my last STS post waaay before my break? I’ve been trying to stay away from Netgalley as to not get overwhelmed, but now I’m back I can’t seem to stop hitting that request or read now button. Whoops? xD I did get The Unknown Beloved way before and as soon as it went live on NG; there was no way I was going to resist a new book by one of my absolute favorite authors! Afterwards, I got Never Go Home mainly because I liked the sound of the blurb… And I couldn’t say no to a new S.V. Leonard as I LOVED her debut last year.

Then I somehow got a copy of The Perfect Holiday as I love a Spanish setting, and Stone Broke Heiress sounds like such a fun read! The Final Hunt was another title that had me as soon as I read the blurb… And I also couldn’t resist The Lobotomist’s Wife because that blurb sounds absolutely fascinating. Somehow, I ended up giving in to the invitation to read Beach Wedding as well… And I just HAD to get the new Mark Edwards even if it doesn’t even have a blurb yet. I love his books!

You’d think that I had piled up enough new ARCs already, but I guess I went a little overboard… I had to snatch the new Kerry Wilkinson as well as I tend to enjoy his books, and I’ve been wanting to try one of Tilly Tennant’s books so I grabbed her newest title too. Last but not least, I got invited to a selection of new Boldwood Books titles and ‘only’ gave in to two books; seriously, it could have been way worse as there were a lot of interesting titles on there.

Now somebody please restrain me so I stop requesting new titles! xD


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I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! ❤

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