Time for another round of Yvonne’s Shorties! Since I have a huge pile of backlog reviews of the books I read during my break, I will be featuring an extra book in my shorties posts until I’ve caught up. This time around you will find a thriller that sadly failed to impress, but also a medical memoir and a fantasy read I absolutely loved.

Title: Cold Echo
(Harry Hope #1)
Author: CJ Carver

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: September 16th 2019
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
Finished reading: November 24th 2021
Pages: 298

‘Promises can be broken,’ he warned. ‘Not necessarily intentionally, but it can happen despite the best of intentions.’


I got a copy of Cold Echo with the Bloodhound Books 2020 Christmas promo and it has been hanging out on my kindle along with a bunch of other titles from the same publisher ever since… I thought it was about time to actually start reading them, and Cold Echo ended up being first as I was intrigued by the blurb. The main character Harry is a psychologist, which gives us a different angle in our crime thriller than the usual detective/killer perspective. Harry is very close to the investigation though, both because he is involved himself and because he is great friends with the detective in charge. But while I do like the premise of the story, I also have to state that the pace during most of the story is quite slow and I never did warm up to the main characters. On top of this, I also guessed most of the final twists quite early on… As a whole, I don’t think Cold Echo is a bad thriller, but I can’t say the story really stood out for me either.

Title: Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas
Author: Adam Kay

Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir
First published: October 17th 2019
Publisher: Picador
Finished reading: November 25th 2021
Pages: 160

“The NHS front line sadly doesn’t get invited to Christ’s all-you-can-eat birthday shindig. For medical personnel the world over, Christmas is just another day.”


I loved his other memoir This Is Going To Hurt last year, and I’ve been saving Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas to read closer to the holidays. Since I was in the mood for some non fiction late November, I decided to simply give in and finally read it. With the same humor as his first book, the author tackles the events around six different Christmas time years he had to work instead of spend time with friends and family. I literally flew through this memoir, and I think it has just the right balance of humor and more serious topics. More complicated medical terms are all explained in the footnotes, so there is nothing to worry about on that front either… All in all another very successful memoir for me.

Title: Under The Whispering Door
Author: T.J. Klune

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
First published: September 21st 2021
Publisher: Tor Books
Finished reading: November 27th 2021
Pages: 401

“If we worry about the little things all the time, we run the risk of missing all the bigger things.”


When I finally read The House In The Cerulean Sea last year, it became an instant all-time-favorite and I’ve been looking forward to try more of her work ever since. This came with sky high expectations, and this is probably why I’ve been hesitating to actually pick up Under The Whispering Door. I shouldn’t have worried though, as this newest story turned out to be another excellent read. Sure, the pace is quite slow in the beginning and it took me a little while to fully immerse myself in the story. It’s 200% worth your time sticking with it though even if you find the beginning slow, because the rest of the story is oh so worth it. The writing is magical and I loved how Under The Whispering Door mixes lighter moments and humor with more serious topics including suicide, grief and death. It turned out to be a wonderful story that has reconfirmed my love for T.J. Klune‘s writing and I can’t wait to return for more.

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