Right, March. Honestly, this didn’t exactly end up being the birthday month I was hoping for. Not only did I catch a stomach bug on my birthday that lasted for over a week, but I also caught either the flu or COVID for the second time in two months straight after. High fever, a very intense cough that didn’t let me sleep during days… I’ve been in zombie mode since the last week of March, and I’m only just starting to feel like a human being again. What else happened during March? Well, I rescued a poor little kitty that nearly drowned in a neigbor’s pool, and we were able to rehome her to a family than can provide her with the extra care she needs (her eyes never developed properly so the poor thing is nearly blind). No baking due to me being unwell (didn’t even eat cake on my birthday!), but I hope to remedy that soon. 😉

Next: the bookish numbers.

  • Number of books read in March: 19
  • Total number of books read in 2022: 55
  • Total number of pages read in March: 6.865
  • Total number of pages read in 2022: 19.536

My reading still isn’t completely back to normal, but as a whole I’m more than happy with the amount of books I’m able to read. March ended up being a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the books I read though. I did find my second 5 star read of the year and a couple others were excellent, but I also had 9 books with a 3 star rating or below and even a DNF…


5 STARS: Absolutely and entirely mind blowing! I suggest you to pick up a copy now. 

The Unknown Beloved – by Amy Harmon

4.5 STARS: This one was almost perfect. Surely fantastic!

One For Sorrow – by Helen Fields // Watch Her Disappear – by Lisa Regan // Gallant – by V.E. Schwab

4 STARS: Wow, this was really good. Close to amazing!

Stone Broke Heiress – by Danielle Owen-Jones // The Family Holiday – by Shalini Boland // 56 Days – by Catherine Ryan Howard // Stay Close – by Harlan Coben

3.5 STARS: Great read. Really entertaining!

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing – by Hank Green // The Owl Always Hunts At Night – by Samuel Bjork

3 STARS: It was a nice read, but not fantastic.

Much Ado About You – by Samantha Young // Marion Lane And The Deadly Rose – by T.A. Willberg // The Good Luck Charm – by Helena Hunting

2.5 STARS: I give this one the benefit of the doubt. Nothing too exciting.

Death In The Sunshine – by Steph Broadribb // False Value – by Ben Aaronovitch

2 STARS: It was ok. But mostly ‘meh’. 

Nomad – by James Swallow // The Cafe At Marigold Marina – by Tilly Tennant // The Library Of Lost And Found – by Phaedra Patrick

0 STARS (DNF): I didn’t even bother to finish this one. Either horrible or definitely not for me!

The Perfect Holiday – by T.J. Emerson

I decided to cut back on the challenges and only join a limited amount this year. So far things are going better than planned with both the Goodreads challenge and the two Beat The Backlist challenges, so I’m definitely not complaining! I haven’t added a new year to my Reading Through The Centuries challenges yet, but 2022 is still young so I’m not worried about that yet.


As for my other goals: I’m doing way better than planned with the international author/translation goal and the TBR jar picks are right on track. My classics are going well too, and my ARC ratio is still fantastic considering I did request a ton of ARCs recently. xD


  • Read at least 3 (modern) classics (rereads don’t count) 2/3 (Peril At End House // Death On The Nile)
  • Complete at least 6 series (rereads don’t count) 1/6 (Grant County)
  • Catch up with Karin Slaughter series (Will Trent/Grant County) 1/9
  • Reread at least 2 books 1/2 (Harry Potter En De Gevangene Van Azkaban)
  • Bring my physical TBR pile below 550 books and keep it that way. 647/550
  • Read at least one book over 600 pages 0/1 (560 pages; Skin Privilege)
  • Keep ARC/backlist title ratio below 40% 25%
  • Read at least 2 books in Spanish 1/2 (Marina)
  • Read at least 1 book in Dutch 1/1 DONE!!! (Harry Potter En De Gevangene Van Azkaban)
  • Read at least 15 international authors and/or translations 7/15 (Marina (Spain) // One Of Us (Norway) // The Love Hypothesis (Italy) // Pierced (Norway) // I’m Traveling Alone (Norway) // One Summer In Italy (Germany) // Marion Lane And The Deadly Rose (South Africa))
  • Read at least 10 TBR jar picks 3/10 (Grown // The Forevers // 56 Days)
  • Keep my Netgalley ratio above the 80% 96%

Stay safe and happy reading!

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