Time for another round of Yvonne’s Shorties! This time around a Nordic noir sequel that I really enjoyed and a crime thriller sequel that failed to hit the mark because I despise one of the characters.

Title: Scarred
(Henning Juul #3)
Author: Thomas Enger

Translator: Charlotte Barslund
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: 2013
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Finished reading: May 21st 2022
Pages: 459
(Originally written in Norwegian: ‘Blodtåke’)

“You can stand in the sea with water up to your knees and tell yourself you’ll stay where you are, even if a giant wave comes toward you. But no matter how strong you are, that wave will knock you over.”


I’m determined to finish the Henning Juul series before the end of 2022, and Scarred is already book number three following the life of the reporter Henning Juul. What I like of this series that it gives us a different angle to a crime story than your usual detective thriller, although we have plenty of that POV as well in Scarred. In fact, this story uses a multiple POV structure and not only has many different voices, but also three separate storylines. On the one hand we have the murder investigation with both the detective angle and Henning Juul looking for input for this articles. Then we have Henning’s sister Trine being accused of sexually harassing a young male politician… And last but not least, Henning is still looking into the fire in his flat that resulted in the death of his son. This might seem like a lot and the story could have been a tad sharper in points, but as a whole the different POVs and storylines make sense and switching between them only adds to the suspense. There are many hints made at Henning’s past that will make you want to pick up the next book even more… And that is definitely what I will be doing soon myself. All in all Scarred turned out to be another successful Nordic noir sequel that provides you with a journalism angle as well as a political scandal on top of your dose of detective thriller.

Title: Broken
(Will Trent #4)
Author: Karin Slaughter

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: June 22nd 2010
Publisher: Arrow
Finished reading: May 22nd 2022
Pages: 480

“The thing about having a bad reputation is that folks will believe just about anything people say about you.”


WARNING: unpopular opinion ahead!

Right… I already feared this would happen to be honest. Once again, a perfectly solid crime thriller was completely ruined for me thanks to the appearance of one character… Can you guess who she is? I completely agree with Sara’s mother on this: why can’t we just stop mentioning her altogether?! Anyway, I tried to give the story a chance because the blurb did sound interesting and I do like Will Trent and Sara, but it was an uphill battle and a mission bound to fail. Lena completely ruined things for me, and to make things worse there were quite a few chapters from her POV. Add the encouragement to cheat and the constant smell of corruption everywhere, and I wasn’t a fan of this sequel at all… Also, we don’t seem to get a lot of Will Trent at all and there is more focus on Lena and Sara instead; two characters from a completely different series. It’s a shame, because Will’s character is what makes me want to read this series in the first place… The pace is also quite slow in points and this is definitely a character driven story despite the darker themes and suspense. I’m sure most Karin Slaughter fans will enjoy their time with this sequel though… As for me: I refuse to have to deal with Lena AGAIN in the future. As a consequence I guess I won’t be finishing this series after all, because I already saw she pops up again in book seven. I will probably read the next one because I have a physical copy on my shelves, but after that it is goodbye Mr. Trent for me. (We don’t seem to get a lot of him in most books anyway.)

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