Time for another round of Yvonne’s Shorties! This time around an urban fantasy sequel that I mostly enjoyed and a classic that sadly didn’t work for me at all.

Title: Amongst Our Weapons
(Rivers Of London #9)
Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery
First published: April 7th 2022
Publisher: DAW
Finished reading: May 24th 2022 
Pages: 304

“You have to be careful with this stuff or you begin to sound like a wine taster – with about the same amount of meaningless bollocks.”


I was a bit worried about my reaction to this sequel to be honest after the previous book was such a disappointment… But thankfully Amongst Our Weapons is much more like the first seven books in tone and style. There is lots of banter, magic and  of course you will find the dangerous situations Peter Grant always seems to get himself into; it might not be my favorite book of the bunch, but it was still very entertaining. A little warning: this is definitely a series to read in order, because there are constant references to events that happened in the previous books and you won’t understand the character development and dynamics otherwise either. That said, it was great to see the different characters pop up again and Peter Grant, Nightingale and the rest have another complicated and dangerous case on their hands. This story is also about a very important development in Peter’s personal life of course, although I have to confess that I liked him more in the first few books… His banter is still spot on though. As a whole, this turned out to be a solid sequel and I will definitely read the next one when it comes out.

Title: The Murder At The Vicarage
(Miss Marple #1)
Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Classics, Mystery, Thriller
First published: October 1930
Publisher: William Morrow
Finished reading: May 25th 2022
Pages: 285

“The young people think the old people are fools; but the old people know the young people are fools!”


WARNING: it’s unpopular opinion time again!!

I’m still not sure what happened to be honest… I’ve been slowly working my way through the Hercule Poirot books, but somehow I had never actually tried one of the Miss Marple books before. I decided to take a quick break from our Belgian detective to finally meet Miss Marple; of course I fully expected to have a great time doing so. I’m not sure if it was simply the wrong time for me to read this classic, but the fact is that this first book and me REALLY didn’t get along. There are so many different characters to keep track of the the pace is SO slow that I was soon rather bored by it all. To make things worse we don’t even see much of Miss Marple herself, as the story is told by a completely different character instead… After about a quarter I was too frustrated by the slow pace, characters and tedious seemingly unimportant details that I started skimreading just to get it over with. I mostly went to the ending to see if that at least surprised me (Agatha Christie usually presents us with quite ingenious plot twists), but in this case I guessed it right very early on and wasn’t too impressed. After this first experience I don’t think I will continue this series; I’ll stick with Hercule Poirot instead.

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