Title: Tick Tock
Author: Simon Mayo
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Medical
First published: August 18th 2022
Publisher: Doubleday
Finished reading: July 18th 2022
Pages: 368

“Kit had no idea what this was about and no understanding of the anatomy of the ear either. But he did know he didn’t like any of it.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Doubleday in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


I admit that I was intrigued as soon as I read the blurb of Tick Tock. The promise of a medical thriller where a new disease appears after the COVID days are over sounded absolutely fascinating, albeit scary. I couldn’t resist getting a copy though and after I saw that fellow blogger Nicki had a great time with it, I was even more excited to read it myself… And Tick Tock turned out to be a true pageturner that had me invested almost straight away. Scarily plausible, fast-paced and highly engaging!

The story is set in a (not specified) near future where COVID is in the past and people have returned to their normal lives. Until people suddenly start emitting a clicking sound from their ears, that is… Tick Tock starts with bang and right in the middle of the future events, which can be a bit confusing (and kind of spoils some of the things happening later on to be honest). Despite this, I found myself to be fully under the spell of this story soon enough, and it was hard to stop reading once things started spinning out of control. The jumping between times could have been more fluid, but there is no denying that the pace is fast and the story reads like a train.

Tick Tock is basically a medical thriller with an almost sci-fi feel to it. There are many medical and scientific terms included, but it wasn’t too hard to understand nor did it slow down the pace. The plot is scary in the way that the situation is way too plausible and it brings back COVID memories… This makes this book hard to read for some people, but if you can stomach it Tick Tock proves to be a fascinating read. The escalating situation is well portrayed and it was interesting to see Kit, Rose and Lilly working together to discover what is going on.

The character development wasn’t as strong and could have done with more dept, but then again this story is mostly focused on the plot and action with the strange new disease. I personally didn’t mind too much, because the characters had enough going for them to be able to connect to them anyway. Is everything they do completely credible? Maybe not. But it sure made for a very exhilarating ride, and it’s definitely made me want to try more of this author.

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