I tend to make a priority titles TBR each year (or at least since 2019), and I wondered the other day just how successful they really end up being. I decided to look up those TBR posts and see how many I actually read (and how many are still hidden somewhere on the TBR mountain); below you can find the results for each year.


19/20 READ

2019 wasn’t too bad overall with only one book left unread… Then again, I’ve had more than two and a half years to catch up with the final lingering titles. πŸ˜‰


16/20 READ

2020 was still pretty successful with only four books left unread, and especially if you are considering that I don’t read a lot of fantasy and YA anymore in the first place.


13/21 READ

Things are going downhill fast when we look at more recent priority TBRs. Only 62% read, but I partly blame my mood reading and the fact that since the pandemic I’ve been mostly reading thrillers and contemporary/romance.

2022 (SO FAR)

7/22 READ

Right… My priority titles list so far isn’t working all that well this year haha. I’ve only managed to read a measly 32% of them, but there is still hope for the months to come. Also, did you spot certain titles that keep popping up, but somehow I never actually read them? xD


Soooo… It seems like my priority TBR lists used to be more successful than they are now. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m mood reading a lot more and that my reading taste has changed since the pandemic. I’ve been reading mostly thrillers and contemporary/romance, and hardly any fantasy or YA… Even one of my favorite genres, historical fiction, seems to be neglected lately. Whoops?

Let’s take a quick final look at the books that I haven’t read yet.

A.K.A. The Hall Of Shame

>>probably not reading any time soon<<

>>hopefuls before the end of 2022<<

Do you make a priority titles/yearly TBR and how successful are those for you? Any books on my unread titles list I should read first?

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