I recently wrote a post about how effective my Priority Titles TBRs seem to be, and it made me wonder about my Monthly TBRs… I’ve been putting together a monthly TBR list for a long time now, but up until what point are they actually working? Or in other words: what’s the score? Below the numbers for the last two years (both how many I managed to read that month and how many titles I managed to read afterwards). And yes, I can already promise you there will be a Hall Of Shame with the books I still haven’t read yet at the end of this post. xD


January: 13/15 books

I read 10/15 books last January, which is pretty good. I’ve also read 3 more of those books since.

February: 14/15 books

I managed to read 9/15 books, which could have been worse. I’ve also read 5 more of these since.

March: 14/15 books

I once again read 9/15 books last March. And like the previous month, 5 more books were read afterwards, giving another almost perfect score.

April: 13/15 books

I managed to read 11/15 books last April, and two more titles afterwards.

May: 13/15 books

I managed to read 12/15 books last May, which is an excellent score. I also read one more book afterwards.

June: 15/15 books

I managed to read 12/15 books again, and to make things even better I’ve also read the final three pending books since. Perfect score!

July: 13/15 books

I only managed toread 6/15 books last July, which is a bit disappointing. Thankfully I did read 7 more of these since.

August: 14/15 books

Last August was an almost perfect 14/15 books score! I still have to read the remaining title though.

September: 12/15 books

This is my worst result yet with only 4/15 books read. I did manage to read 8 more of these since.

October: 7/15 books

Another bad month with only 5/15 books… I blame the blogging and reading slump I had last year. I only read 2 more of these, so this is definitely my least successful TBR by far.


N/A (blogging break)


N/A (blogging break)

This graphic shows how many books I originally read from my monthly TBR in blue and how many remaining books on that TBR I read afterwards in green. As a whole I came pretty close to almost completing the TBR over time (12+ books out of 15) every single month except for October, which I’m definitely happy about.




N/A (blogging break)

February: 11/15 books

I managed to read 6/15 books, which is pretty bad. xD I did read 5 more of those books since, bringing up the total to 11 books.

March: 15/15 books

I read a total of 12/15 books, which is a lot better than the previous month. To make things even better, I’ve also read the last three pending books on this TBR since!

April: 11/15 books

I only managed to read 6/15 books again, but this was partly due to the fact that I decided to put the DI Callanach series on hold. I did read 5 of the other titles since this post.

May: 14/15 books

I managed to get a whopping 14/15 books almost perfect score in May! While I haven’t read the final book yet (mostly because I haven’t been in the mood for fantasy), I do hope to read it some time soon.

June: 13/15 books

I read 11/15 books of my June TBR, which is great. I have read two more of these since as well, so all in all a successful TBR.

July: 12/15 books

I read 12/15 books in July, which was better than I hoped with all the ARCs. I still have to read the remaining three titles, but I hope to do so soon.

August 11/15 books

I read 11/15 books in August, which was definitely better than expected with me trying to catch up with a series and a lot of ARCs. The remaining titles I hope to read before the end of September.

This graphic shows how many books I originally read from my monthly TBR in blue and how many remaining books on that TBR I read afterwards in green. While some monthly TBRs were more successful than others initially, as a whole at least I ended up reading 11+ books of those listed over time.



It seems like my monthly TBRs are mostly quite successful with almost every single month (eventually) reaching that 10/15 books mark or higher. Between the two years, I have an impressive amount of books I still need to read though… Some because I haven’t been in the mood for the genre, others because they have simply slipped between the cracks of my TBR mountain. It looks like I should keep making those monthly TBRs though, because most of the books end up being read! It’s probably because with monthly posts it’s easier to guess what genre/books I will in the mood for.

Let’s take a quick final look at the books that I haven’t read yet.

A.K.A. The Hall Of Shame

>>probably not reading any time soon<<

>>hopefuls before the end of 2022<<

Do you make a monthly TBR and how successful are those for you? Any books on my unread titles list I should read first?

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