Traveling has a special place in my heart; I love exploring new countries, cities and cultures both in real life and through the books I read. I know that already share a settings map in each The Numbers post, but I thought it was fun to take a closer look at the different bookish destinations I was able to travel to each month. Hence this monthly bookish post was born, Bookish Travel, where I will be sharing where the books I read that month took me.

September 2022 ended up being a decent travel month with not only multiple places in the UK and US (6 different states), but also eight further countries. Not the best I’ve had, but still pretty solid… Below a map featuring the different bookish travel destinations. (I use this page for the map.)

Ready to take a closer look at where exactly I was able to travel to during September? They will appear in the order I’ve visited them (except for the UK/US because they have multiple titles).

1. UK

With these books I was able to travel to the following UK destinations: London, Chesham, Winchester, Stewkbury (Bedfordshire), Manchester

2. US

With these books I was able to travel to the following US states: Virginia, New York, Kansas, California, Nevada, Georgia


The Ladies Of The Secret Circus also took me to Paris, both past and present.


Signal To Noise took me to Mexico.


What The Wind Knows is mainly set in Ireland, both past and present. The No-Show is also partly set in Ireland (Dublin).


The No-Show also spent a brief chapter in Athens, Greece.


Ashes In The Snow took me to 1943 Poland; Auschwitz to be exact.


Keep It In The Family also briefly took me to Norway.


Nordic noir sequel Blackout is both written by an Icelandic author and set in Northern Iceland.


Blackout also took me on a short trip to Nepal.

That’s it for the destinations in September! How many countries were you able to travel to last month? Did you read any of the books mentioned above? 

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