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Soooo… What has been the ARC damage since my last STS post two weeks ago? First of all, I couldn’t resist getting a copy of The Echo Of Old Books… I love stories with a bookish angle and I really liked the sound of the blurb. Afterwards, I finally gave in to the Harlequin Winter invitations, and I admit I went a little crazy. Whoops?! xD First up were the mystery/thriller titles, and I couldn’t resist the sound of I Love It When You Lie. I also had to get the new Mary Kubica even though the publish date was close… Another great sounding blurb!

I’ve enjoyed J.T. Ellison’s writing before, so I had to get It’s One Of Us as well… That and the premise sounded promising. And I’ve been meaning to read the first Regan Merritt book, so I thought getting an ARC of the sequel would pretty much guarantee that I read both ASAP. I also couldn’t resist snatching up Watch Me Disappear because it has such an unique sounding premise.

Then I opened the historical fiction mail, and I felt pretty restrained when I got ‘only’ two. Both authors I’ve loved before, one a WWII historical fiction and one a post WWI gothic historical fiction. Of course that was not all… I also couldn’t resist adding The Blue Bar after Kelly’s review. I don’t think I’ve read a thriller set in Mumbai before, and the premise sounds fantastic!

I also couldn’t resist adding ARC/Amazon First read Hide, because I always have a weak spot for a serial killer thriller. Last but not least, a last-minute (and to be honest unexpected) approval for How To Sell A Haunted House… Don’t get me wrong: I’m super excited to get this one, but the having only 11 days before it was archived at the moment of approval hit me hard with so many other pending January ARCs. xD


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