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I’m currently reading my first non-fiction read of the year with Undoctored by Adam Kay… I really enjoyed his writing in the past, so I have high hopes for it. I will also be starting yet another ARC; this time of most anticipated release Exiles by Jane Harper. I loved the first two books of the series, so I fully expect to have a great time with this one as well.


1. Don’t Open The Door by Allison Brennan (4/5 stars) REVIEW
I’ve been meaning to try this author for years now, but somehow her books always seemed to slip between the cracks of my TBR mountain… When I saw the opportunity to read Don’t Open The Door, I decided to jump right in even though I still had to read the first book of the series; I thought it would be the perfect excuse to read both books quickly. I’m definitely glad I did, because the first book ended up a solid start of the series, and this sequel was even better. What a ride it was!

2. Signs Of Trouble by Anna Alkire (3,5/5 stars) REVIEW 05/02
I was recently invited to join BookSirens, and of course I couldn’t resist the invitation… After some quick browsing, I decided to pick up a quick romance read with Sign Of Trouble; there was just something about the blurb that spoke to me, and I liked the sound of the two single parents being forced together by sharing the same vacation rental. Now that I’ve had a chance to read it, I definitely liked what I found! True, there were a few niggles, but overall this turned out to be a very solid romance read for me.

3. Watch Me Disappear by Ross Armstrong (DNF 15%; 0 stars) REVIEW 26/01
There was just something about the blurb of Watch Me Disappear that made it impossible to resist adding it to my shelves… I do always love a story with an amnesia/mental impairment/aphasia element, and main character Tom Mondrian sounded like an absolutely fascinating character with him surviving a bullet to the brain and learning to live with his new reality. Add a missing girl case, and I fully expected to have an excellent time with this story… And I sure didn’t expect to have to make the difficult decision to DNF instead.

4. Little Lost Souls by Stacy Green (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW 27/01
I’ve been meaning to try this author for quite some time, and I couldn’t resist adding the Lucy Kendall series when I saw it was going to be republished. I do love crime thrillers with an unique touch, and after reading (and loving!) the first book I can now say this series definitely fits the bill. It’s not every day you get to follow what is basically a sociopath serial killer as our main character, and it is especially intriguing how much you end up rooting for her despite the things she does. And a bonus: this sequel Little Lost Souls is even better than the first one!

5. The Girl In The Cabin by Stacy Green (4/5 stars) REVIEW 30/01
It’s been a while since I last binge-read a series, but I’m sure having a fantastic time with the Lucy Kendall books. The series is being republished today with new shiny covers, titles and blurbs, but it’s still the same old Lucy Kendall I now wish I had met years ago. What a twisted and entertaining ride it has been so far! It’s not often you come across a story where the main character is basically a sociopath serial killer, and this unique angle is one of the reasons this series is working so well for me. Book three ended up being another excellent crime thriller!

6. The Lonely Girls by Stacy Green (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW 04/02
The final book of the series, and it sure goes out with a bang! Another kidnapping, another serial killer focus and a race against the clock for Lucy… And I loved every single minute of the ride. There were twists I never saw coming, and they most definitely shocked me. The Lonely Girls is dark and brutal in general, with not only a focus on (child) abuse but also torture and graphic murders. It was interesting to see how the series was wrapped up, although the way things ended does leave things open for more Lucy Kendall in the future… I sure wouldn’t complain if another book popped up at some point.


I still have one more urgent ARC to get to before I can take a quick break: my first historical fiction read of the year with Code Name Sapphire by Pam Jenoff. Then it’s time for my first YA AND first fantasy read of the year with Wayward by Hannah Mathewson. I loved the first book, and I wanted to read the sequel while memories of this high fantasy alternate London world were still fresh. I also want to read another romance with Love On The Brain by Ali Hazelwood. My TBR jar pick The Library At Mount Char by Scott Hawkins will have to wait until February as I have too many other titles I want/need to read first.

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