I know it’s almost February already, but it’s never too late to talk about favorite books right? I managed to read a whopping 243 books during 2022, a number I didn’t think I was going to reach when the year started… I managed to discover so many new gems during 2022, with a total of 10 new 5 star reads (one of those a reread) and 42! titles with an almost perfect rating… So you can imagine it was impossible for me to create a Top 10, and I decided to make a Top 20 instead (which was still extremely hard). And to cheat even further, it will be a Top 20 Favorite Authors because some authors had multiple books with a high rating. Cheating is allowed when it comes to sharing the booklove, or am I wrong? 😉

So, top favorites. As I mentioned above, I have been lucky with my reading choices and found a LOT of new fantastic titles last year. There were a few that stood out above the rest though; they managed to get the full 5 star rating, which is basically an A++ as I use this rating to mark my new all time favorites. A total of 8 authors and 9 books will be on the first part of this Top 20 below, in alphabetical order by the author’s last name as there is no way you can get me to choose favorites between these absolutely brilliant stories. You can find each review by clicking on the title. Ready to discover what were my favorite reads of 2022?

Here we go!

1. MATT CAIN: The Secret Life Of Albert Entwistle 

2. STEVE CAVANAGH: The Accomplice 

3. M.W. CRAVEN: The Botanist 

4. ALICE FEENEY: Daisy Darker 

5. AMY HARMON: The Song Of David // The Unknown Beloved 

6. DAVID JACKSON: The Resident 

7. KATE QUINN: The Diamond Eye 

8. RUTA SEPETYS: I Must Betray You 

I didn’t want to leave it at a Top 8, and with 42 fantastic books with a 4,5 star rating (which is basically a 5 star rating to anyone else) it wasn’t an easy choice to decide which titles stood out a little above the rest… I honestly want to mention them all, but I’m cheating as it is as I’ve gone with authors instead of individual titles. 😉 So without further delay, below the twelve authors that also made it to my Top 20! Again in alphabetical order as you can’t make me choose between favorites.

(I’ve decided to not mention Amy Harmon again in this part because she already had two books mentioned above… But spoiler: she will be in another 2022 spotlight post coming February 9th.)

9. SARAH ADAMS: When In Rome 

10. KATY BRENT: How To Kill Men And Get Away With It 

11. CHANEL CLEETON: The Most Beautiful Girl In Cuba

12. ELLE COSIMANO: Finlay Donovan Is Killing It // Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead 

13. BLAKE CROUCH: Upgrade 

14. ALEX FINLAY: Every Last Fear // The Night Shift 

15. MEGAN GOLDIN: Stay Awake 

16. GUY MORPUSS: Five Minds 


18. V.E. SCHWAB: Gallant 

19. SHELBY VAN PELT: Remarkably Bright Creatures 


That’s it for this list of my Top 20 Favorite Authors of 2022!! Have you read any of these? Do we share any favorites? What were your favorite books of 2022?

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