Teaser Tuesdays #180 – July 17th: Hunted

TEASER TUESDAYS is a weekly book meme hosted at The Purple Booker. To participate, just open the book you are currently reading to a random page, and choose two ‘teaser’ sentences from somewhere on that page. (no spoilers!)

I started reading this title on a whim… I’ve been meaning to read Hunted by Meagan Spooner for a while now, and somehow this Beauty And The Beast retelling sounded just like I needed. I’m not that far into the story yet, but I’m looking forward to read more of the story soon.

My teaser (6%):

“Suddenly, over the howl of the rising storm, a heavy pounding against the front door broke through the sounds of chatter and laughter. The sisters exchanged glances as their father leaned to the side to look around the edge of his chair toward the hall.”

What are you reading right now?


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January-June 2018: The Numbers

Call me a nerd, but I do love my graphics posts! I first started properly keeping track of my reads in Excel back in 2016, making it possible to finally put together some graphics. I’ve done a bunch of ‘The Numbers’ posts over time, including my 2016 and 2017 posts, and it has been revealing interesting things about my reading habits. So why stop? 😉 This post will be al about the first six months of 2018. Let’s talk nerdy and see what my numbers were like, shall we?

First of all some quick facts. In the first six months of 2018 I have read no less than 97 books with a total page count of 30.832 pages; an average of about 318 pages per book. If I keep this up in the second half of the year, I will be able to match my reading numbers from last year, even though my page count is slightly lower so far. The average rating is 3,63 stars, which is actually the exact same rating as last year even though it included two 0 star ratings (DNF). No less than 28 books had a 4,5 or 5 star rating and 29 books received a rating 3 stars or below… Which means I enjoyed reading about 70% of the books during the year. Not that bad at all, even though the number is lower than previous years. Another fun fact: 60 of the 97 books I’ve read so far were actually ARCs; about 62% of the total. Way more than I was aiming for, but I do hope to be able to read more of my own books in the secound half of 2018.

And now some graphics for those who like them as much as I do. 😉

This graphic above explains exactly why my average rating ended up being quite high… About 54% of the books I read last year had a 4 star rating or above! And only 15% received a 2,5 star rating or below, so all in all I’m very happy with this one.

I already knew I hadn’t been reading a lot of Middle Grade in 2018, so I’m not at all surprised by this graphic. It does show that I still read more Adult than YA, which is probably mostly because I’ve been reading a lot of ARCs and I mainly request mystery/thrillers. 😉

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is read more books by male authors, because somehow I always seem to be reading more books my female authors (even though I never base my choice of books on the gender of the author). Sadly the percentage decreased by 7% since last year! I really have to step up my male author game in the second half of 2018.

A new graphic! After seeing Tina mention it in her update post, I decided to start keeping track of whether the books I read are by new authors or authors already known to me. And I have to say this graphic was a huge surprise! I would have never guessed that more than half of the books I read in the first half of 2018 are actually by new authors: a total of 62% or 60 books. I guess it shows I do love discovering new authors… And reading a lot of ARCs does help as well. I’m looking forward to read some old favorites though in the second half of 2018.

The main genre is basically the most dominant genre I think each book belongs to. As always mystery/thriller/horror is the biggest group (there’s truly no surprise there for those who follow my blog!). What is a surprise is that I have picked up a significant amount of contemporary romance reads as well, since it’s not one of my favorites. It’s good to see both historical fiction and fantasy quite well represented as well.

This average rating graphic is quite a shock… Although I’m aware each genre has received a few lower ratings during the year. Mystery/thriller/crime is well on top with a 4,06 rating. Looks like I’ve been reading a lot of excellent thrillers so far this year! Fantasy comes second (3,63 rating) and I’m actually quite shocked by the lowish ratings of the other genres. Especially when it comes to (realistic) fiction (2,6 stars) and non fiction/memoir (3,17 rating), but genres I normally enjoy and normally receive a higher rating.

The series/stand-alone ratio has been almost the same as in previous years, and I’m actually quite happy with this. As much as I love reading series, I tend to neglect them with the result of a huge pile of unfinished series collecting dust. And there is no such problem with stand-alones! 😉 I do want to finish a bunch of those unfinished series in the rest of 2018 though.

Boy do I feel bad about this graphic! I joined the Beat The Backlist challenge and have other challenges as well to help me read older titles, and somehow only a meager 16% of the books I’ve read in 2018 are published in 2015 or before. Oops? At least the number of books I read that were published in the current year went down: now a 43% of the total. I guess it shows I’ve been trying to get rid of my backlist, but somehow a lot of them ended up being books published in 2016 or 2017. I guess it’s better than nothing though right?

Last graphic: as always most books I’ve read have between 300 and 399 pages, which seems to be a pretty good number and a  sign of a story that’s not too short and not too long. There are exceptions of course; some stories are just too complex to be told in under 400 pages… I do have to step up my game when it comes to reading longer books, because only a meager 13% of my books had over 400 pages.

Tired of numbers yet? I know I am! That’s it for this January-June 2018 review… Happy reading everyone!


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Stacking The Shelves #49 – July 14th

Stacking The Shelves is hosted at Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

I wasn’t going to request any new titles, but you know how it goes… I never seem to be able to resist NG in the end. xD I really liked the sound of Run And Hide by Alan McDermott, so of course I had to add it to my NG shelf. Thanks again for the auto-approve! ❤


Click on the summaries below to go to the Goodreads page… 

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My Blog’s Name in Books

I saw this book meme posted by Jenn @ Bound To Writing and I couldn’t resist joining the fun. This book meme was originally started by Lynne @ Fictionophile and I thought it would be a great way to shine a light upon some of the books still pending on my TBR list.


1.  Spell out your blog’s name. (this is where you wish your blog’s name was shorter LOL)

2. Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter. (Note you cannot ADD to your TBR to complete this challenge – the books must already be on your Goodread’s TBR)

3. Have fun!  

I was actually surprised it was relatively easy to find books for my blog name… Partly because my TBR list on Goodreads is HUGE, and partly because It’s All About Books doesn’t have any tricky letters. (Phew! 😉 ) Let’s go see which books I’ve chosen to write my blog name with…

I : I Let You Go – by Clare Mackintosh
T : Talon – by Julie Kagawa
S : Saint Anything – by Sarah Dessen

A : A Tale For The Time Being – by Ruth Ozeki
L : Lair Of Dreams – by Libba Bray
L : Library Of Souls – by Ransom Riggs

A : An Ember In The Ashes – by Sabaa Tahir
B : Britt-Marie Was Here – by Fredrik Backman
O : Outlander – by Diana Gabaldon
U : Uprooted – by Naomi Novik
T : Tell The Wolves I’m Home – by Carol Rifka Brunt

B : Blue Blood – by Sara Blaedel
O : Outrun The Moon – by Stacey Lee
O : One Of Us – by Asne Seierstad
K : Kids Of Appetite – by David Arnold
S : Splintered – by A.G. Howard

Have you read any of these titles yourself? Would you recommend them? Any of these titles I should avoid reading? Feel free to comment. 🙂


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WWW Wednesdays #178 – July 11th

WWW WEDNESDAYS is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words and is all about answering the three questions below.


I finally continued Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut yesterday as part of my promise to read more (modern) classics this year… I can’t say it’s my cup of tea unfortunately, but that might have to do with the science fiction angle (I like the WWII bits though). I’m also starting with The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker by Kerry Wilkinson since it’s the last pending NG ARC this month and I also started Misery by Stephen King as another backlist read.


1. The Secret by K.L. Slater (4/5 stars) REVIEW 13/07
Let me tell you a secret: the secrets and twists in The Secret will have you flabbergasted by the time you reach the last page. Oh yes, you will be in for one hell of a surprise and shocking ending with this one… Make sure to brace yourself. It is true that the strong dislike for one of the main characters did get a little frustrating, but the story would not have been the same otherwise and the suspense and general plot made up for it. What a read!

2. Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl (3/5 stars) REVIEW
While without doubt still an entertaining story with the wonderful illustrations of Quentin Blake and the same writing that is able to enchant child and adult, I don’t think it’s as strong as his other books. Or in fact the first book and highly popular Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. After such a strong first book, the sequel falls kind of flat for me and doesn’t have the same magical feel despite the space adventure.

3. Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW
For a story that is ment for such a young audience, it is surprising just how much you will be able to relate to the underlying message as an adult. The illustrations and easy and well written prose are to help kids understand and enjoy, but I truly think this is a story for all ages. Oh, The Places You’ll Go! has a strong moral message and shows us that there is a whole world out there… Waiting for us to just step outside and discover it

4. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green (3/5 stars) REVIEW 16/07
Do I regret reading the story? No, because I would have always wondered otherwise. Is it a bad read? Not exactly. But it was definitely one of those cases where the story just didn’t work for me. Which is actually kind of strange, because I’m always intrigued by a story with a mental illness theme and I do love my quirky and unique characters. But there was just something about Aza that just didn’t do it for me.

5. The Getaway Girls by Dee MacDonald (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW 14/07
If you love a good road trip story with well developed and interesting characters, lots of sightseeing, funny moments, a dash of suspense and a dose of romance that is just right, you will love The Getaway Girls as well. I had so much fun following Connie, Gill and Maggie around and I loved the fact that they were seventy-year-olds, as I don’t see older main characters around that often. Entertaining, uplifting, a pinch of suspense and a healthy dose of summer romance… This story will make you forget about your own problems for a while as you join the main characters on their journey.

6. Champion by Marie Lu (3/5 stars) REVIEW 22/07
I didn’t enjoy the final book of the trilogy as much as the previous two. I didn’t think the plot was as interesting and the whole love triangle was quite annoying as well. It just lacked that little something extra from the previous books for me… Also, I didn’t like the ending at all. But I guess it’s kind of an ending that can go either way for you, because there are some twists that will mess with your emotions for sure.

7. Het Jaar Dat De Wereld Op Zijn Kop Stond (The Year Of The Rat) by Clare Furniss (3,5/5 stars) REVIEW 22/07
I still can’t believe I was able to finish my Dutch read of the year this quickly! The Dutch translation of The Year Of The Rat was quite a fast read and that definitely helped me reach the final page easily. I’m not a fan of reading in Dutch, but I liked this story well enough and it was interesting to see what loss and grief can do to a person. Not perfect, but well developed and I definitely appreciated that there almost wasn’t any romance included in the plot.

8. Hell To Pay by Rachel Amphlett (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW 20/07
I’ve become a huge fan of Kay Hunter in the short time I’ve gotten to know her, and this book is no exception. This might just be my new favorite! Although it’s hard to pick favorites when all the books are good… The writing is excellent, the plot well developed and this one definitely has some shocking surprises in store. Like an explosive ending? This one will more than deliver that. SO good!


I’m trying to clean out my NG shelf so Broken Dolls by Sarah Flint is next. And as I’ve been saying I need to read more Agatha Christie, I’m starting with Hercule Poirot book number one The Mysterious Affair At Styles. Also, as I’m trying to read all the books on my monthly TBR for the second month in a row, I want to pick up The Way Back To You by Michelle Andreani & Mindi Scott. My newest TBR jar pick is Thin Wire by Christine Lewry, a memoir about a woman addicted to heroin and her mother. I’m having a feeling it’s going to be a tough read, but the blurb sounds pretty good.


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Teaser Tuesdays #179 – July 10th: Hell To Pay

TEASER TUESDAYS is a weekly book meme hosted at The Purple Booker. To participate, just open the book you are currently reading to a random page, and choose two ‘teaser’ sentences from somewhere on that page. (no spoilers!)

I’ve become a huge fan of Detective Kay Hunter in the short time I’ve gotten to know her, and being able to pick up another book of the series is always a treat. I’m already starting with book number four, although I’m still behind because number six was already published a few days ago! It feels good to be slowly catching up though… Hell To Pay sounds really promising and from what I’ve read so far it looks like I’ll be in for another excellent story. I’ll be looking forward to spend more time with Kay Hunter later today!

My teaser (19%):

“A mixture of excitement and trepidation swept through her. Professionally, she wanted justice for everything the man had done to her and others, but his comment as they’d entered the room had unnerved her.”

What are you reading right now?


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Best Of… June 2018 @bookouture @jdbarker @RachelAmphlett @Lisalregan

I had originally decided to include this new feature in my monthly wrap ups, but I just felt there were too many facts squeezed into one little post and the whole purpose of putting my favorite reads in the spotlight was lost. So this is me giving those favorites their well deserved extra attention! I had two new 5 star reads in June as well as five other titles with an almost perfect rating. Lots of titles to choose from! But there can be only one the winner… So without further delay, June 2018’s favorite is… *drumroll*

The Date by Louise Jensen!! There was just no way I couldn’t not pick this title as my absolute favorite. I read a lot of thrillers, but this story simply was something else!

What I said in my review:

“Fascinating, highly addictive and utterly absorbing! If you are a fan of the genre, you simply MUST try this one. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

“Holy cow, what a read! I literally dropped everything I was supposed to be doing after reading the first few pages and couldn’t put it down until I reached the very end. Not only is the writing sublime, but the suspense is spot on and I’m always a sucker for the amnesia element.”

Click here for my full review

There was another 5 star read in June (The Border) and five further titles were given a 4,5 star rating. All of them are without doubt excellent reads and deserve all the praise! I’ve decided to include all six titles for honorable mentions, since there are two series involved as well. Here we go:

What I said in my review:

“I really liked how Steve Schafer isn’t afraid to state the hard, painful and shocking facts, describing to us in a realistic way how the teens have to run for their lives.”

“he writing style managed to put me under its spell and I couldn’t let this story go until the very end. Ever feel like putting everything on hold until you reach the final page? That is what happened while I was reading The Border.

Click here for my full review

What I said in my review:

“Dark, gritty, twisted, disturbing, intense… Just keep similar adjectives going, and they will apply to this first encounter with the 4MK killer. What a read!”

“Hooked from the first page? Check. More twistedness and new disturbing and horrifying killings? Check. A healthy dose of plot twist bombs that will leave you absolutely flabbergasted? Check. New insights in the backgrounds of the main characters? Check. Fleshing out of the previous plot while adding a LOT of new suspense and a very strong and promising base for an excellent third book? Check.”

Click here for my full review of The Fourth Monkey // The Fifth To Die 

What I said in my review:

“There is just something about the main character that makes it really easy to like her, and of course the whole mystery around what happened will have you intrigued. I’m rooting for Kay here!”

“Highly addictive, well written and a plot and plot twists that will keep you hooked until the very end! Oh yes, if you are a fan of the genre, you are missing out if you don’t read this series.”

Click here for my full review of Will To Live // One To Watch

What I said in my review:

“Lightning speed pace, excellent writing, dark, twisted, disturbing, suspenseful… Oh yes, this story will keep you in its claws and there is a lot to love here.”

“Imagine a war zone with plot twists bombs dropping on you, danger around every corner and no clue how to reach the ending safely… Trust me, Her Mother’s Grave is a story you won’t soon forget.”

Review will be posted on July 19th

Have you read any of these titles above? What did you think of them? What were your favorite reads in June?


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