2017 (Netgalley) ARCs: The Complete List

I signed up for the 2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge hosted by Bookish Things & More here, and thought it would be easier to have a different post with all the ARCs I will be reading this year together. (This includes other ARCs that won’t count for the challenge; those are marked in orange while the Netgalley ARCs are marked in green). Hopefully it will be an easier way to keep track of all those lovely ARCs that have been sent to me this year!  ❤

>>> Last updated December 22nd 2017<<<

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2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

I only signed up at Netgalley about six months ago, but I have really been enjoying my experience so far. Friendly publishers (an especial shout out to Bookouture!) have shown me I don’t need to have thousands of followers or need to live in the UK/US to be able to receive ARCs of some pretty darn good books. And the only thing I might regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner!!


That said, like most Netgalley users, I tend to go a little crazy with the request button and getting to the mythical 80% ratio has been a struggle. So when I saw this 2017 Netgalley challenge at Bookish Things & More I just HAD to join. It’s a year long challenge that will hopefully inspire me to pay closer attention to the ARCs I request and read more of them as well… There are different levels, but I will be aiming for the following goal:


Silver – 25 Books

In the six months since I’ve joined this year, I managed to review 40 titles and I have another 12 ARCs pending, so I think this number should be pretty doable.

I will be looking forward to this challenge! Is anyone else joining? And what is your personal experience with Netgalley?