TOP 20 Best Books Of 2018

I know everybody including the neigbor’s cat already posted their list of 2018 favorites, but I thought: one more list isn’t going to hurt anyone, right? Plus I wanted to put my absolute favorite stories of 2018 in a proper spotlight. Somehow I managed to read a whopping 245! books last year, something I still can’t wrap my head around. And somehow, even with so many books, only 7 books managed to receive the full 5 star rating last year. This is extremely low even for me, and I think I’ve been way too critical with my ratings in 2018… On a brighter side, no less than 52 books received a 4,5 star rating, which means I still pretty much loved them anyway. And since there are lots of titles I feel deserve a spotlight, I’ve decided to make this a TOP 20 instead of naming only ten books. And to cheat even further, there are a few authors that I read and loved multiple books of last year, so I’m cheating and counting each author as just one. 😉

Curious about which titles made my list yet? I’m sure there is one title that won’t be surprise for you, since I’ve been raving about it ever since I finished it and deserves the extra love in the form of being named my absolute favorite read of 2018. And that title is…

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