Say hello to little Delilah Bard!

Those who follow my Twitter/Instagram account might have already noticed, but after long thinking we decided to adopt another kitten last Thursday. Meet little Delilah Bard, Lila for short! (And yes, that’s a Shades Of Magic reference. 😀 ) The poor thing was found abandoned when she was a baby and is now about six weeks old…  Adopted from the local animal rescue center.

She’s already feeling at home and shows her strong personality: strong-willed, adventurous, always looking for trouble, afraid of nothing and a true survivor, just like the original Delilah Bard. ❤

Photo spam ahead!!

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It’s All About Books is now also on Instagram!


I have never considered creating my own bookstagram before, mostly because I (UNFORTUNATELY) don’t own as many physical books as I would have liked due to the country I live in, and tend to read mostly e-books on my kindle. I’ve learned to love my kindle, but it’s still not the same… Then I saw this post at Lectito with 20 January Bookstagram favorites and I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to gawk at all those gorgeous bookish photos anymore. So… It’s All About Books is now also on Instagram!

I’ve added a few photos since I started my account last week, all either with my kindle or furry friends… Although I’m hoping to start taking photos of some of the physical books I own soonish. I’ve been too busy browsing other bookish accounts for now; my thumb is getting tired of hitting the like button all the time haha.

Feel free to follow me at yvo_about_books so I can start stalking your bookish photos as well. 😉 😀



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It’s All About Books has reached 1.000 Followers!


I almost spit my coffee right back at the screen when I opened my blog this morning… I stared and stared at the right side of the page, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks with me or if the coffee was making me see double. But no, there were actually FOUR numbers before the word ‘followers‘!


I’m not sure when exactly this happened and I wouldn’t have dreamed of this many people wanting to read my random bookish rambles when I first started It’s All About Books. This has totally made my day!! Thank you awesome fellow book nerds, you guys rock my socks!! ❤ ❤ ❤



It’s All About Books: now also on Twitter!


A new year means new beginnings… And that doesn’t only mean freshening up my blog. (Like the new headers anyone?) I have been toying with the idea of creating a Twitter account for my blog for quite some time already, but it seems like I have been procrastinating a lot in 2016. Oops? Yesterday I finally gave in and after a few false starts I am now the proud owner of my very own Twitter page.


I’m still figuring out how everything works (yes, I admit I’m a totally Twitter Noob), but I have already made a start following fellow bloggers/authors/other bookish pages since yesterday… There is still a long way to go though!

Feel free to add me at @yvo_about_books . I will be looking forward tweeting with everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Today it is December 25th which means it’s time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! I’m actually scheduling this post… In Argentina they celebrate mostly during Christmas Eve and it goes on until late, so I will be either still sleeping and/or nursing a (food) hangover when this is published haha. I hope everyone will have a excellent time! I will be back next week with a few pending reviews.

I wanted to end this post with cute Christmas photos of my furry friends, but they refused to stay still with the hat on. xD So here are a few pictures of cute kittens instead. 




I’m baaaack!! (sort of)


Like the title says: I’m back in business!! 😀 Ok, technically I got back last week, but things are still quite busy so today is the first time I’ve been able to properly sit down and blog again. And I’m definitely glad to be back home!

Lots of things happened since my last post… I was in the Netherlands for about three weeks, with lots and lots of spare time to read outside when I wasn’t doing paperwork. Everything went a lot faster than expected so yay! I also made use of my free time to get myself some new books; 7 of them in Dutch (so I can practise since nobody I tried to talk to believed I was actually Dutch haha). Also, I got a new tattoo! I’ve been wanting to for a while now, and I’m happy with how it turned out. 🙂


I didn’t travel back home straight away though. Together with my hubby we decided to go on a mini vacation to the Iguazu Falls instead and the national park was just as breathtaking as the first time around. Also, my tattoo butterfly got to meet her inspiration!


I will be putting together a few posts together soon, including book haul, arc haul, books I’ve read while I was away and pending book reviews. Hopefully things will be back to normal by next weekend!

I hope everyone is doing great; I’ve missed you all!

Hiatus Time!


I can’t believe the day has almost arrived! Tomorrow is August 14th, which means I will be boarding a plane with the final destination Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. It also means It’s All About Books and me will be going on a hiatus… I will be doing visa-related paperwork mostly; I’m keeping my fingers crossed there won’t be too much hassle so I can return home quickly. I sure will be missing my hubby and my furry friends in the mean time… And all of you of course! ❤


I leave you all with a picture of my cat Jasmin and my dog Paco… I hope everyone will have a great month and happy reading!

❤ ❤ ❤