2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

I only signed up at Netgalley about six months ago, but I have really been enjoying my experience so far. Friendly publishers (an especial shout out to Bookouture!) have shown me I don’t need to have thousands of followers or need to live in the UK/US to be able to receive ARCs of some pretty darn good books. And the only thing I might regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner!!


That said, like most Netgalley users, I tend to go a little crazy with the request button and getting to the mythical 80% ratio has been a struggle. So when I saw this 2017 Netgalley challenge at Bookish Things & More I just HAD to join. It’s a year long challenge that will hopefully inspire me to pay closer attention to the ARCs I request and read more of them as well… There are different levels, but I will be aiming for the following goal:


Silver – 25 Books

In the six months since I’ve joined this year, I managed to review 40 titles and I have another 12 ARCs pending, so I think this number should be pretty doable.

I will be looking forward to this challenge! Is anyone else joining? And what is your personal experience with Netgalley?


Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge


I finished reading Game by Barry Lyga yesterday, which means that I’ve completed my Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge yet again!! Woohoo!! I still cannot believe I’ve actually already finished 90 books this year… Especially since last year it took me the whole twelve months to read this amount. I don’t think I will reset the challenge again for now; I’ll just see how it goes the next few months… Especially since I will be away during six weeks this Spring: backpacking in Bolivia and Northern Argentina. 😀

I’ve decided to do a quick comparison between this year and last year. Have I mentioned before that I love Goodreads’ shiny stats page?! On to some numbers!!


Apparently, I have read longer books in 2014 with a total page count of 31.679 and an average of 352 pages per book. That mostly likely because I have read quite a few short stories so far in 2015… Still, a total of 30.571 pages and an average of 340 pages so far in 2015 isn’t too bad at all. I still have to start a read over 800 pages this year; a number I was able to reach easily by reading one of George R.R. Martin‘s books. This year it will most likely be either Outlander or A Dance With Dragons that will win the prize for the longest book.


In 2015 I’ve read a lot of Fiction, YA, Fantasy and Series; in 2014 the four top shelves were Fantasy, YA, Mystery and Fiction. I really need to read more of the mystery/thriller genre in the months to come! As far as ratings go: in 2014 my average rating was 3,67 and in 2015 it was 3,79. Apparently I was a lot luckier with my reading choices this year so far! 😀

Happy reading and have a great week everyone! Here’s a virtual cupcake to celebrate! 😀 ❤


Reading Through The Centuries: A Reading Challenge


The other day I was thinking about that lately I’ve been reading way too many books that have been published quite recently, thus neglecting classics and other earlier published work. To make sure I start reading ‘older’ books again, I’ve decided to make a challenge out of it: Reading Through The Centuries. I’m sure this has been done a million times before and I do not claim originality. It just seemed like an interesting way of keeping track of when the books I read are published, and hopefully I can add new dates to the list below before the end of the year.

This challenge basically is made to try and read books published before 2000. I’m going to set the goal to add at least 5 new dates by the end of December 2014 and 10 additional dates by the end of December 2015… And one of the books has to be published before 1930. I’ve made a full list of the books I’ve read since November 2012. New additions in 2014 have been made in this lovely shade of green, while new additions in 2015 will be marked by this color.

UPDATE: I want to add another 10 years to this list by the end of 2016, additions will be marked with this color.

UPDATE: Like last year, in 2017 I will be trying to add another 10 years to the list by the end of the year. Additions will be marked with this color.

UPDATE: During 2018, I’ve decided to lower my goal and only add another 5 years to this list by the end of the year. Only 5 new ones this year, since there are less and less years available… Additions will be marked with this color.

UPDATE: During 2019, I will leave the goal at the same amount as last year, as less and less years are available… Additions will be marked with this color.

UPDATE: During 2020, I will leave the goal at the same amount as last year, as less and less years are available… Additions will be marked with this color. 

Total of new dates in 2014: 6/5 (1994, 1987, 1976, 1953, 1853, 1843)
Total of new dates in 2015: 12/10 (2015, 1995, 1979, 1964, 1951, 1950, 1939, 1915, 1910, 1883, 1818, 1602)
Total of new dates in 2016: 10/10 (2016, 1973, 1970, 1948, 1943, 1895, 1890, 1886,1876, 1847)
Total of new dates in 2017: 10/10 (2018, 2017, 1986, 1966, 1947, 1897, 1894, 1868, 1865, 1516)
Total of new dates in 2018: 5/5 (2019, 1990, 1972, 1969, 1920)
Total of new dates in 2019: 5/5 (2020, 1957, 1952, 1934 1923)
Total new dates in 2020: 6/5 (2021, 1975, 1926, 1922, 1904, 1887)

>>> Last updated October 23rd 2020 <<<

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Reading Challenge 2014 & Past Achievements

When I was organizing my readinglist the other day, I realized it’s been already 16 months and 75 books with a grand total of 30315 pages since I first started this blog. When I started back in November 2012, I had no idea how long It’s All About Books would survive or how much time I would be able to spend reading and writing. Now, 16 months later, I’m still able to write my humble reviews of books I’ve read and without doubt I’m enjoying it. Back then I decided to start publishing mostly just to have a list and reminder for myself of which books I read and what my thoughts were after reading each one of them… But if my thoughts have inspired someone into reading a certain book on the way, I would certainly be a happy camper of course. My goal is to help making people see that books aren’t scary and/or boring, and that those printed words can open a whole new world for you if you let them. Nowadays with all the different social medias, books have fallen behind and aren’t exactly socially acceptable. People in general are reluctant to discuss books in public, which is a shame. Since with all the books available in the world, it’s impossible there won’t be at least one they would enjoy…

About the facts and numbers of this blog: after having read 40 books and a total of 16870 pages last year, I decided that in 2014 I would face a bigger challenge. Inspired by the Reading Challenge at Goodreads, I’m now reading my way to the goal of a total of 70 books in one year. So far, I’ve read 28 books and a total of 10397 pages. There’s a long way to go, but the year is still young and I have various books lined up and waiting for me. According to Goodreads I’m three books ahead on the challenge so I guess at least I’m following the schedule I set for myself. If I’m able to read at least 6 books a month, it would be enough to reach my goal and even have a few extra books to spare. So I guess it’s time to stop talking and pick up the book I’m currently reading… (Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen) But before I leave I would like to say that I’m always looking for new books to add to my to-read list, and I would love any recommendations you might think of. I’m trying to broaden my literary horizon, so I’m open to practically any literary genre…