2020 Beat The Backlist: Official Update Post #BTB2020

I had a lot of fun with the previous Beat The Backlist challenges, so of course I signed up again. This challenge is hosted by Novelknight and in 2020 will be all about reading for the second year in a row. No extra complications or extra points for reviews, just getting those backlist titles read and earning brownie points for that. This challenge is all about reading all those poor neglected books on your shelves instead of just new releases. We all love our new releases, but those older books deserve our attention too right? 😉 Books have to be published before 2020 to count, and you can set your own goals as you see fit.

I’ve decided to set my goal at a total of 80 books published before 2020, with at least 30 of them published 2017 or before.

Aaaaand I’m on team TBR STACKER this year!!

On to the official update post part… Where I will share the books I’ve read that fit the challenge. Books are either orange for books published in 2019 or 2018 or green for books published before that. Books with a # in the end have been summited for points on the Novelknight BTB challenge page.

>>> Last updated January 19th 2020 <<<

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2020 (Netgalley) ARCS: The Complete List #NGEW2020

I joined this challenge during the last three years and every year so far turned out to be a big success. I’m hoping I’ll be less successful in 2020 though. Why? I want to focus more on my backlist titles; I managed to balance both better in 2019, but I didn’t meet the goal I was hoping for and I’m hoping to do better in 2020… This yearly challenge is currently hosted at Reading Between The Pages.

I’ll be aiming for GOLD – 50 books.

The list below is a list of ALL the ARCs I’ve been able to read in 2020. This includes other ARCs that won’t count for the Netgalley And Edelweiss challenge; those are marked in orange while the Netgalley ARCs are marked in green.

>>> Last updated January 17th 2020 <<<

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Happy New Year and 2020 Goals

First of all I want to wish everybody a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2020!! May this year be filled with happiness for all of you. ❤

Now that it’s January 1st, it’s time to think about my reading goals for 2020. I still can’t believe I was able to read over 250 books last year, and I don’t pretend I will be able to reach that amount again… So I have decided to not stress myself and keep my challenges reasonable to avoid that pesky slump. I’ve decided 2020 will once again be all about having fun reading and reading more of my own books. As much as I love my ARCs, I have a HUGE pile of backlist titles and things are spinning out of control. In 2019, I was able to balance my ARCs and backlist titles better, but I’m hoping to really bring back the ARC ratio below that 40% in 2020.

So these will be my goals for 2020:


  • I have set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 150 books.
  • Read at least 3 (modern) classics (rereads don’t count)
  • Complete at least 10 series (rereads don’t count)
  • Reread at least 2 books
  • Bring my physical TBR pile below 600 books and keep it that way.
  • Read at least one book over 800 pages
  • Keep ARC/backlist title ratio below 40%
  • Read at least 2 books in Spanish
  • Read at least 1 book in Dutch
  • Read at least 15 international authors and/or translations
  • Read at least 10 TBR jar picks
  • Join at least 5 challenges during the year
  • Keep my Netgalley ratio above the 80%


  • bloggingStress less about having to post every day and don’t feel bad whenever I need a short break. This is going to be hard, but I also know that without little breaks a slump might be just around the corner, so hopefully I’ll learn to prioritize better this year.
  • Be active in the community. I always try to comment and bloghop frequently, but somehow it is hard to find enough time to read, blog AND comment on the blogs I follow… And lately I’ve been needing more frequent breaks from social media to keep me from slumping. So this one will be a tricky balance to find.
  • Use Babelio more and become more active in the Spanish reading community. I know I read mainly in English, but I really want to start reading more in Spanish again. The Babelio website is a good incentive to do so!


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Magical Readathon: Winter 2019

I always love these readathons and while I’m basically swamped with ARCs this month, I couldn’t resist joining again. The Magical Readathons are Harry Potter themed readathons, and this Winter 2019 edition is all about Christmas at Hogwarts. This is the second Christmas themed readathon and it’s based on the second Harry Potter book Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets… Hosted by the wonderful Book Roast as always. ❤ More in her announcement video which you can find below! And check out the Magical Readathon website for more information and the weekly chapters and prompts.

In short, this readathon is divided into five chapters and each Sunday a new chapter and new prompts for the readathon are being unlocked. Your choices during the chapters will determine which and how many prompts you need to read each week! So far, the first three chapters are already unlocked, and the fourth will be up tomorrow; the last one will become available on the 29th. I’ll be using this post as an update post to keep track of the progress in the final pending chapters as well.

>> Last updated December 30th <<


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2020 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge #NGEW2020

I joined this challenge during the last three years and every year so far turned out to be a big success. So far I have managed to read no less than 88! NG ARCs this year and 16 other ARCs, with a few more lined up before 2019 is officially over; way more than I planned and in a way I’m hoping I’ll be less successful in 2020. Why? I want to focus more on my backlist titles; I managed to balance both better in 2019, but I didn’t meet the goal I was hoping for and I’m hoping to do better in 2020… This yearly challenge is currently hosted at Reading Between The Pages.

Challenge Guidelines

  • The challenge runs from January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. There is no deadline to sign up.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate – you do not need to have a blog.
  • Any genre, release date, length, etc. counts – it just needs to be a book from NetGalley or Edelweiss.
  • Books can count for more than one challenge that you are participating in.
  • The first day of each month I will post a monthly “link-up” for you to link your reviews. If you forget one month, no worries, just catch up the next month.
  • Questions: Feel free to leave a comment below or use the contact page at the top of this post.
  • Help spread the book love and use the hashtag: #NGEW2020

The Levels

Bronze – 10 Books

Silver – 25 Books

Gold – 50 Books

Platinum – 75 Books

Diamond – 100 Books

I will be going for 50 books again, which I hope will be doable. I currently have a whopping 13 NG books pending (plus a bunch of other ARCs) and a 96% ratio, so we’ll see how things go I guess.

Are you joining this challenge? What are your goals? 


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It’s a wrap!! #NEWTsReadathon2019

Remember I signed up for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon in July? It’s now September 1st, which means that the #NEWTsReadathon2019 is now officially over! I managed to read a lot more than originally planned this year, and I managed to finish all prompts for the Magizoologist career with time to spare. Not only that: I managed to pass all subjects with at least an Acceptable as well! Woohoo!!! Curious to see what I read for each prompt? You can find a full list of what I read below.


(T) Troll Run out of time around 20%
(D) Dreadful Run out of time around 50%
(P) Poor Run out of time but read around 80% of A
(A) Acceptable
(E) Exceeded Expectations
(O) Outstanding

# Hogwards Subjects #

– Care Of Magical Creatures (O) Outstanding
– Charms (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Herbology (O) Outstanding

– Defense Against The Dark Arts (O) Outstanding
– Divination (A) Acceptable
– History Of Magic (A) Acceptable
– Muggle Studies (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Transfiguration (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Potions (A) Acceptable
– Ancient Runes (A) Acceptable
– Arithmancy (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Astronomy (E) Exceeded Expectations

1. AUG 1st: History Of Magic: The Archived (A)
2. AUG 2nd: Care Of Magical Creatures: An Unwanted Guest (A)
3. AUG 3rd: Herbology: Apple Of My Eye (A)
4. AUG 4th: Care Of Magical Creatures: What You Did (E)
5. AUG 7th: Care Of Magical Creatures: The Dream Thieves (O)
6. AUG 8th: Muggle Studies: The Willow Woman (A)
7. AUG 9th: Astronomy: Outrun The Moon (A)
8. AUG 10th: Astronomy: Date Night (E)
9. AUG 12th: Muggle Studies: The Sixth Wicked Child (E)
10. AUG 13th: Transfiguration: Darius The Great Is Not Okay (A)
11. AUG 13th: Transfiguration: To Drink Coffee With A Ghost (E)
12. AUG 14th: Herbology: 29 Seconds (E)
13. AUG 16th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Twisted (A)
14. AUG 17th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: I Am Malala (E)
15. AUG 20th: Charms: Smoke In The Sun (A)
16. AUG 21st: Defense Against The Dark Arts: The Sleepover (O)
17. AUG 22nd: Herbology: The Cellar (O)
18. AUG 23rd: Charms: The Old Man And The Sea (E)
19. AUG 24th: Ancient Runes: Stalking Jack The Ripper (A)
20. AUG 27th: Arithmancy: Keeper (A)
21. AUG 28th: Divination: The Madness Underneath (A)
22. AUG 30th: Arithmancy: The Hiding Place (E)
23. AUG 31st: Potions: The Passengers (A)

Did you join the N.E.W.T.s readathon this year? Have you read any of the books above as well? I definitely found myself a couple of new favorites during #NEWTsReadathon2019 month!


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