Ready for another round of Bout Of Books?!

I participated in a few Bout Of Books read-a-thons in the past and I always had a great time, so I just couldn’t resist signing up for the next one. And Bout Of Books 19 is just about around the corner! It starts May 8th and ends May 14th, and for those who aren’t familiar yet with this read-a-thon it’s all about reading as many books as you want/can and having fun along the way. The best part: you can make your own goals! For the official rules, check the Bout Of Books page and below:

You can still sign up until May 9th so there is still time to join the fun! I will write a proper goals/TBR post the weekend before the read-a-thon starts, because I have still no clue what books would be next around that time.


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Hooked To Books Reading Challenge

Anitya from Hooked To Books contacted me the other week about her reading challenge and I’ve finally found time to sit down and write my sign up post today. Thanks again for letting me know about your challenge; make sure to check out her page! ❤ The Hooked To Book Reading Challenge 2017 is all about reading as many books as possible during the twelve months of 2017. You can participate on four different levels and there are some pretty awesome rewards to win!

Levels Books Read & Reviewed Number of Rewards Rewards
Keen Reader 30+ 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card
Avid Reader 70+ 1 $75 Amazon Gift Card
Bookaholist 120+ 1 $100 Amazon Gift Card
Bookworm Extremist 200+ 10
1 Kindle Paperwhite
$150 Amazon Gift Card

I will be signing up for the 120 books: Bookaholist level… I know I probably should try the 200 books mark since I managed to get pretty close last year with 194, but I’ve decided to play it safe. 😉 I’m currently at 55 books already so I should be able to reach my final goal without stressing out too much I guess.

Have you joined this challenge? You still have until June 15th to sign up if you are interested!


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#AVAReadathon: A Very ARC-ish Readathon

a very arcish readathon

I’ve been talking about how I’m trying to beat the ARC monster last week and I came across the perfect challenge to help me do just that. Aimal @ Bookmarks And Paperbacks is hosting A Very ARCish Readathon during the whole month of April and the best part is that the goals are easy: just read as many ARCs as possible! 😀 You can join the readathon conversation by using the #AVAReadathon hashtag on social media as well.


Netgalley/Reading Alley ARC

  • What Doesn’t Kill You by Ed James
  • The Red Hunter by Lisa Unger
  • Enchanters by K.F. Bradshaw

Other ARCs

  • Blood Moon by John David Bethel
  • Among Friends: Travels In Cuba by Heather Murray
  • The Car Bomb by T.V. LoCicero

  • Riven by Belinda Crawford
  • Heartborn by Terry Maggert
  • The Merchant’s Pearl by Amie O’Brien


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Scaling The ARC Mountain

I’m sure just about every semi-serious bookblogger has at least heard about them: ARCs (or Advanced Review Copies). I would never ever have guessed a few years ago, but the start of my book blog journey also ment I was slowly introduced to the whole world of ARCs. Free review copies in exchange for an honest review… It sounds like every booklover’s dream right? And to be honest, my heart still skips a beat every time I receive a new ARC. BUT. Even though I feel honored to be receiving books for free just because I share my rambles with the blogosphere afterwards, things are starting to get REALLY out of control. (Ok, they have been out of control for a long time haha). Right now, I basically feel like I’m buried under a huge pile of ARCs!

In January, I made a promise to myself to get my pending ARCs more organized and I’ve been trying to get back on track ever since. Here’s how:

Step 1: create a Excel spreadsheet with an ARC schedule.

I guess my Excel skills are pretty basic, but at least it gets the job done. 😉 Pending ARCs are separated by publish date and I start marking them as I read/review them… When I finish a whole month, I get to paint it black. Each ARC has the title, author, source, publish date or date I received it and a read/reviewed option. I’m still hopelessly behind but I’m slowly getting there!

Step 2: Read like a maniac!

Basically, this has been me since January. I’ve been trying to race through my ARCs ever since my promise to get back on track… In fact, out of the 41 books I’ve finished to this date a whopping 64% have been ARCs. I feel bad about neglecting all those other books I’ve been wanting to read, but with a little luck I should be able to squeeze in a few next month.  Another bonus: this ARC reading madness means I’m finally back at a 82% Netgalley ratio!!! 😀 😀

Step 3: Join challenges to help your goal

There are probably a lot of similar challenges out there, but this is the one I signed up for: 2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge. It’s a fun challenge where you can set your own goals, and it’s definitely a great way to keep track of all those ARCs you read. I made my own list of ARCs as well since I wanted to include non-NG ARCs as well.

Step 4: Don’t request too many new titles at once

Most Netgalley users will probably be able to relate… It’s been less than a year since I signed up for Netgalley, but it has become my main source for ARCs ever since. Although I still love the surprise mails by both authors and publishers of course, and I’ve discovered another page (Reading Alley) as well. (I tried Edelweiss, but it’s just too complicated to use for now). Netgalley is both user friendly and offers a wide variety of books. Sure, as a non US/UK/Australia user not all of my requests are approved… But there are still more than enough titles available. And that’s the danger right there: there are so many books available, and it is REALLY easy to request a whole pile of books just like that. Which leads to the so-called ARC mountain and a lot of extra stress during the struggle to finish them all on time. The best advice is to try and refrain from requesting too many titles at a time, and only request those you would buy in the first place. But I know for a fact that is easier said than done. 😉

What is your experience with ARCs? And how do you control your ARC mountain?


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2017 Author ABC Challenge


I know I’m already doing the 2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge, but a few people mentioned doing the same thing for authors and I just couldn’t resist the temptation. I couldn’t find any official post when I checked yesterday, so this is me creating my ‘own’ challenge. If you know the blog an author ABC challenge is hosted this year, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

I’m going to keep rules pretty basic and use the author’s last name for each letter. If there is more than one last name, it should be the first that counts… And the Q, X and Z names can have the letter anywhere in the last name.

>>> Last updated April 28th 2017 <<<

A: Arnold, David: Mosquitoland (2015)  5/5 stars
B: Barr, Emily: The One Memory Of Flora Banks (2017)  5/5 stars
C: Campbell, Jamie: The Thankful (2016)  4/5 stars
D: Dinan, Kim: The Yellow Envelope (2017) 2,5/5 stars
E: Elliot, Ruby: It’s All Absolutely Fine (2017)  4/5 stars
F: Ferrer, Samuel: The Last Gods Of Indochine (2016) 4/5 stars
G: Gibney, Patricia: The Missing Ones (2017) 4,5/5 stars
H: Harmon, Amy: Making Faces (2013)  5/5 stars
I –
J: Jewell, Lisa: I Found You (2017)  4,5/5 stars
K: Kepnes, Caroline: You (2014) 0/5 stars
L: Ludwig, Benjamin: Ginny Moon (2017)  3,5/5 stars
M: Miranda, Megan: The Perfect Stranger (2017)  5/5 stars
N: Ness, Patrick: The Rest Of Us Just Live Here (2015)  3,5/5 stars
O –
P: Picoult, Jodi: Small Great Things (2016) 4,5/5 stars
Q –
R: Rekulak, Jason: The Impossible Fortress (2017)  4,5/5 stars
S: Schwab, V.E.: A Conjuring Of Light (2017) 5/5 stars
T: Towles, Amor: A Gentleman In Moscow (2016) 4/5 stars
U: Unger, Lisa: The Red Hunter (2016) 4/5 stars
V –
W: Wyer, Carol: Little Girl Lost (2017)  4/5 stars
X: MaXwell, Lisa: Unhooked (2016)  3/5 stars
Y: Yoon, Nicola: The Sun Is Also A Star (2016)  4,5/5 stars
Z: Zentner, Jeff: The Serpent King (2016)  4,5/5 stars

I have found 22 out of 26 letters so far.


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2017 (Netgalley) ARCs: The Complete List

I signed up for the 2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge hosted by Bookish Things & More here, and thought it would be easier to have a different post with all the ARCs I will be reading this year together. (This includes other ARCs that won’t count for the challenge; those are marked in orange while the Netgalley ARCs are marked in green). Hopefully it will be an easier way to keep track of all those lovely ARCs that have been sent to me this year!  ❤

>>> Last updated April 28th 2017<<<

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2017 Beat The Backlist: Official Update Post


The 2017 Beat The Backlist challenge is hosted over at Novelknight AND also includes a Harry Potter themed mini challenge. Of course I have joined that one as well, proudly trying to win the Hogwarts House Cup along with my fellow Ravenclaws. GO RAVENCLAW!!!

Find my sign up post here and my TBR here.

My challenge name is OakSickle.


 This post will be my official update post where I will keep track of the books I’ve read that qualify for the challenge. Remember my goals?

  • read 50 books published before 2016
  • read 20 books published before 2013
  • review each book 
  • update challenge post monthly

Since the challenge includes books published in 2016, I will add these in yellow to the list below for extra Ravenclaw points. 😉 Books that fit in with my personal challenge are either green for books published in 2015, 2014 or 2013 or orange for books published before that. Only books that have a link to the review have already been added to the official challenge page for points.

>>> Last updated April 28th 2017 <<<

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