Friday Finds #8 – August 29th

fridayfinds FRIDAY FINDS is originally featured at Should Be Reading and showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last two weeks and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads.  I know the list is already exploding, but I can’t help myself and don’t want to miss any potential treasures. So I’ve just accepted the TBR list will always be bigger than the amount of books I’ve read… Sigh. Last week was all about the Bout Of Books read-a-thon and I wasn’t able to find a lot of new titles, but the most interesting books are listed below:

My finds:


Nominations & Thanks

Last week I was nominated for my second Liebster Award by the very awesome aesaza (once again: thanks a million, I truly appreciate it!


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ARC REVIEW: Discovering Daniel – by Nadine Christian


Title: Discovering Daniel
Author: Nadine Christian
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fiction
First published: March 10th 2014
Finished reading: August 25th 2014
Pages: 220
Rating 4

“Her father was wrong. Everything had changed. Her eyes had been opened. Even looking out to sea from her seat on the boat, it seemed clearer.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
(Guest Reviewer Program) ***


If you are in the mood to read fantasy, but need a break from all those vampire, witch and wizard infested stories, read Discovering Daniel. If you want to read about life on a small island and discover a new underwater world, choose Discovering DanielNadine Christian, living herself on the Pitcairn Island she describes in her story, decides to explore a lesser used mythical creature in her book: mermaids. Not the Ariel/Disney kind of mermaids, but a whole community of Mer both gracious and potentially dangerous… Christian is able to mix this fantasy element succesfully with the story of a young girl growing up on a small island; a girl who will find out soon enough there is more to the island than she originally thinks there is. Definitely recommended!


It all starts when Ava is just nine years old and goes on a fishing trip with her father and her uncle Sam. When Ava falls into the water after having seen something overwhelming, her father hits his head trying to save her… Leaving Ava alone and terrified in the water. What happens next is something she won’t be able to remember for a long time afterwards: they were saved by two splendid examples of the Mer community close to Pitcairn Island (‘mermales’). Whole communities of Mer have been existing all over the world for ages, keeping their residence deep down in the sea where humans cannot reach them. They have been been wrongly accused of attacking ships and killing people for so long that they now prefer to live in secret to avoid problems… But the two mermales knew Ava’s father, and they rescued him even though it was against the rules. The boy, Daniel, is only slightly older than Ava and calms her with his voice while his father Nathaniel goes out looking for uncle Sam.

Ava only remembers the events of that dreadful day when she is seventeen, and goes out to try and find Daniel against the will of her family. When her investigation finally leads Ava to Daniel, she is so intrigued by him that she simply cannot bear stop meeting with him. A Mer and a Walker (human) are forbidden to even interact, but both are stubborn and are slowly falling in love… Although neither of them admit it. Daniel is able to transform his mermale body into that of a human, and one day he changes to spend the day with Ava and learn more about her. But her Uncle Sam recognized Daniel, and sets Ava an ultimatum: she has to stop seeing Daniel, or he will stop it for her. The next day Daniel had promised her to show her his world and Ava simply couldn’t resist… Thinking one last day probably won’t hurt them. Unfortunately someone saw them as they were together, and Daniel was taken under custody by the Mer. His father Nathaniel gives Ava a choice: she could help getting Daniel free, but she would have to turn into a mermaid for it and enter the Mer world… Will she accept so she won’t lose Daniel again?


Discovering Daniel has pleasantly surprised me. This mix between fantasy, romance and island life just worked perfectly, and the writing style just flows and makes the story easy to read. The story has some twists and surprises thrown in as well; I can guarantee you won’t see it coming when they reveal the truth about Ava. I will definitely try to check out more of her work in the future!

BOOK REVIEW: Eleanor & Park – by Rainbow Rowell


Title: Eleanor & Park
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary
First published: April 12th 2012
Finished reading: August 23rd 2014
Pages: 325
Rating 4

“Eleanor was right: She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”


When I first heard about Eleanor & Park, a book where Rainbow Rowell explores the first love between two not-so-normal teenagers, I was not sure whether this book would be for me. I’m normally not a sucker for romance; to be honest I detest anything too cheesy in general. But after reading Eleanor & Park, I cannot do anything but agree with just about everyone that this is an adorable little story. And that the end left me wanting for more, thinking both life and the ending Rowell left us with are JUST NOT FAIR. Rowell switches constantly between the POV of Eleanor and Park, but instead of it distracting from the storyline, it only adds more dept to the story. You cannot help feeling for the main characters, and crossing your fingers everything will work out in the end… And keep your tissues closeby if you are sensible to sadness. In short, if you like YA and romance in general, this book is definitely for you!


Poor Eleanor has everything against her… Red hair that cannot be controlled, a not-so-normal wardrobe, chubbiness, a personality that gets her into frequent trouble, a poor family AND an evil stepfather. (Maybe I can relate to her so well because of my own high school experience; somehow being a fat, shy teenager wearing glasses and having high marks means instant bullying…) When she is about to start her first day at a new school, she is the target of bullying the moment she enters the school bus. A Korean guy named Park saves her from the full embarrassment and lets her sit down next to him on the bus to school… Although he doesn’t seem too happy about it. He is a bit of an outcast himself, only left alone because he used to hang out with the ‘cool guys’. Eleanor doesn’t get away that easily though, and she only keeps going to school because at home things are even worse. Her stepfather is a horrible man, who had already kicked her out of her house once, and she tries to be as invisible as possible around him. Her younger siblings are also suffering, sleeping all together in the same small room, but not the way she does.

Park has something closer to a ‘model family’, although they have their own problems. He slowly starts to warm up to Eleanor, and starts lending her comic books and making her tapes with his music on them. Park is afraid what others will say about him hanging out with someone like Eleanor… But he soon realizes he doesn’t care anymore. Slowly their affection increases, but they never seem to be completely alone, and the bullies are still tormenting Eleanor. And we are not even talking about her stepfather, who will probably kill both her and Park when he finds out about their blossoming relationship… Will they succeed being together in the end?


I won’t go further in discussing what happens next in Eleanor & Park to not spoil the fun for those who haven’t read it yet. But what I can say is that I wish I would have had an experience like than in high school… Unconditional love is not an easy thing to find (although I can say I have found it now with my hubby!), and makes reading about this love between two ‘misfits’ adorable. The ending probably took away the fifth star of this review, as well as some of the more cliche moments of this book did. But that doesn’t take away that Eleanor & Park is definitely recommendable, and I’m glad I finally came around reading it.

Top Ten Tuesday #6 – August 26th: Books I Need To Get Soon!


The Broke And The Bookish presents us every week a new top ten with a different theme. And this Tuesday’s theme is the Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet. When I first saw this theme, I was mostly thinking: Seriously, only ten? My need-to-get-soon list at Goodreads has about 40 titles on it alone, and I haven’t updated that one that recently. I’ve tried to make a selection for this Top Ten Tuesday though:





Which of these have you read already and can you recommend to me? Any books I should buy first?

Teaser Tuesdays #9 – August 26th: Awakening Foster Kelly


TEASER TUESDAYS is a weekly book meme originally featured at Should Be Reading. To participate, just open the book you are currently reading to a random page, and choose two ‘teaser’ sentences from somewhere on that page. (no spoilers!)

The book I’m currently reading is Awakening Foster Kelly by Cara Rosalie Olsen, one of my very first ARC’s I recieved from Ethereal Book Reviews in exchange for my honest review. I haven’t read enough yet to form a proper opinion about this book, but I’m very excited about finally entering the world of ARC. 😀

awakening“Franky, I didn’t know whether to be relieved, stunned, or terrified. What was I to make of Dominic’s examination? It wasn’t possible for him to have known I was thinking of him just now. ”



What are you reading right now?

Time To Celebrate!


The other day I realized I have been blogging at WordPress for more than a year now! I started posting my reviews at a different blog, but moved to WordPress in August last year. So it is time to celebrate and thank everyone who has visited, commented and supported my humble blog during the last year!!!


It means the world to me that my rambles are being appreciated, and I love that this blog has made me read more than ever AND made me get to know some very awesome people and great community. Thanks again! ❤

On to some numbers… In the last year blogging, 286 people decided that my rambles are interesting enough to follow It’s All About Books, and together have liked more than 1000 times what I’ve wrote. I have managed to read 100 books since I first started to keep notes of what I’ve read in November 2012 (although I still have to upload some older reviews), and I have reached the magical 150 post mark the other day as well! Woohoo! When I first started this blog, I wouldn’t have even dreamed about these numbers… And sometimes when I open my blog, I still cannot believe it. So… Thanks to all those awesome people out there! Let’s go celebrate with some virtual cupcakes and adorable kittens! 😀


Bout Of Books 11 – Wrap Up

Bout of Books

Monday has come, and with that the Bout Of Books read-a-thon has ended!  I was able to reach my goal of reading 3 books and only reading YA, so I’m one happy camper. Yay! I’m also half way done with Discovering Daniel by Nadine Christian, my very first ARC ever! So all in all this read-a-thon was very succesful for me. 😀


discoveringdaniel# Pages read today: 110
# Total pages read: 1178
#Book continued: Dicovering Daniel by Nadine Christian
# Books finished: Eleanor And Park by Rainbow Rowell, Looking For Alaska by John Green and Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Bout Of Books 11 – Day 6 Update

Bout of Books

On day 6 of Bout Of Books read-a-thon  I was able to reach my goal of reading 3 books by finishing Eleanor & Park! Yay! I definitely enjoyed this one, and will be writing a full review by Tuesday. For my next book I decided to read one out of the list, since I probably won’t be able to finish it in time anyway. It’s Discovering Daniel by Nadine Christian, my very first ARC ever! 😀


discoveringdaniel# Pages read today: 213 (183 /30)
# Total pages read: 1068
#Book started: Dicovering Daniel by Nadine Christian
# Books finished: Eleanor And Park by Rainbow Rowell, Looking For Alaska by John Green and Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas



I don’t have time for the challenge today… Happy reading!

Bout Of Books 11 – Day 5 Update & Day 6 Challenge

Bout of Books

On day 5 of Bout Of Books read-a-thon  I realized a bit late A Discovery Of Witches wasn’t YA; so I had to put that one on hold since I made it part of my challenge only reading YA. Oops! So I decided to start reading Eleanor & Park instead:


eleanor# Pages read today: 145
# Total pages read: 873
#Book started: Eleanor And Park by Rainbow Rowell
# Books finished: Looking For Alaska by John Green and Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas



  • DAY 6 CHALLENGE: Spell It Out

Kimberlyfaye Reads is hosting the Spell It Out challenge for today: a challenge where you have to spell out your name, birth month, zodiac sign etc with the first letters of book titles.

Use the first letter in any book you’ve read or want to read to spell out a word. You can choose first name, initials, your birthday month, or your zodiac sign.
Take a photo, make a graphic or even a list and share your word on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.

My full name Yvonne is WAY too difficult to spell out (it’s surprisingly hard to find books starting with Y or V), so I decided to stick with my zodiac sign: PISCES. I didn’t have time for a photo, but here is a list with the titles:

  • Books I’ve read:

P: Pop Goes The Weasel by James Patterson
I: Insurgent by Veronica Roth
S: Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo
C: Carrie by Stephen King
E: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
S: Schindler’s List by Thomas Keneally

  • Books that I own and are waiting to be read:

P: Prodigy by Marie Lu
I: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
S: Siege And Storm by Leigh Bardugo
C: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare
E: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (currently reading, but still…)
S: Silence by Michelle Sagara