2020 Beat The Backlist: Official Update Post #BTB2020

I had a lot of fun with the previous Beat The Backlist challenges, so of course I signed up again. This challenge is hosted by Novelknight and in 2020 will be all about reading for the second year in a row. No extra complications or extra points for reviews, just getting those backlist titles read and earning brownie points for that. This challenge is all about reading all those poor neglected books on your shelves instead of just new releases. We all love our new releas-es, but those older books deserve our attention too right? 😉 Books have to be published before 2020 to count, and you can set your own goals as you see fit.

I’ve decided to set my goal at a total of 80 books published before 2020, with at least 30 of them published 2017 or before.

Aaaaand I’m on team TBR STACKER this year!!

On to the official update post part… Where I will share the books I’ve read that fit the challenge. Books are either orange for books published in 2019 or 2018 or green for books published before that. Books with a # in the end have been summited for points on the Novelknight BTB challenge page.

>>> Last updated October 23rd 2020 <<<

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