Unplanned Hiatus

Some might have noticed I have been quite absent lately… I haven’t disappeared, but I realized I’m in desperate need of a break. Sure part of the disappearance act was due to the fact I was out of town during the last couple of days, but it also has to do with my headstrong blogging slump that doesn’t seem to go away. Not only that, but I also haven’t finished one single book yet this month; something that hasn’t happened in a loooooong time. Reading slump? A new crochet addiction? I’m not sure, but I just haven’t been feeling like reading or blogging much this month and while I feel sad to admit this, I really need a break and focus on my personal life right now. So I’ve decided to go on an unplanned hiatus until I feel like blogging and reading again… You might see me on Twitter sometimes, but I’m putting my Instagram/Litsy accounts on hold as well as my blog for now. I might post a review or two since I have a few ARC deadlines coming up, but otherwise It’s All About Books will go on a very needed vacation. Hopefully I’ll be back before Halloween!

I’ll miss you all until then. ❤


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Beat That Slump! My 5 Step Plan To Get My Mojo Back

First of all a huge thank you for the overwhelming response to my post this Monday! You guys have truly shown and reconfirmed just how awesome our bookish community really is. ❤ ❤ ❤ And it’s one of the reasons I would never be able to quit book blogging completely. So to all of you out there:

So many people have left their kind words and tips and advice and I’m still feeling warm and fuzzy inside whenever I think about it. Thank you all for being so awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤ To be honest, just writing that post has been a form of therapy already, but I’ve decided to use the feedback to make my own plan to get back on track. This is mostly my personal view on ‘getting my mojo’ back and I by no means claim this is the perfect or right way of beating a slump… But I’m just putting it out there in case it will be useful to someone else suffering from something similar.

So here we go… My 5 Step Plan to get my mojo back and beat that slump!

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​DANGER DANGER: ARC Overload & Possible Blogging Slump

To be honest, I’ve been seeing it coming for a while now… I thought I was able to control it and finish my ARC pile on time, but it seems like last week the bomb finally imploded. Because… *insert Jaws theme here* I think I’m now officially in a blogging and maybe even a reading slump. 😣 

Let’s talk about ARCs first. Advanced Review Copies; the dream of every bookworm and aspiring bookblogger right? It’s a true honor to be able to receive one of those and I was always stoked whenever I was offered one. But… Things have slowly grown out of control ever since I signed up for Netgalley last year. While it on one hand has been one of the most positive experiences during my time as a blogger and has helped me introduce my blog to social media and reach a bigger audience, it also has a darker side. 100% my fault, but I’ve learned the hard way (like many others I’m suspecting) that it’s VERY hard to resist all those pretty titles and request buttons and things can spin out of control quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I would never change or give up my Netgalley experience, but I do feel I need to change my own habits urgently. Why? Let’s just say I have earned the shiny 100 NG reviews badge already and it has been only a year since I signed up… And more concretely, out of the 120 books I’ve read so far a whopping 75% were ARCs. As much as I’ve enjoyed reading most of them and quite a few made it to my favorites list, it also means I had to neglect my other books and those poor titles have been piling up and gathering dust ever since. Again, don’t get me wrong, I love my ARCs, but lately I’m having the feeling it has become a fulltime job keeping up with them and it has taken the fun out of reading. Conclusion: I’m suffering from an ARC overload. 

Now I wonder: what to do about it? Put those ARCs on hold and just read my own titles in my own pace? What about the upcoming deadlines? Should I compromise? Answer: I really don’t know right now. But I do know I need to do SOMETHING before it’s too late. 

And that’s where the second part comes in: the blogging slump. This is mostly related to the previously mentioned ARC overload and the fact that I feel blogging has become more of a job instead of a fun hobby. It has taken me a lot of willpower and the help of the magical existence of scheduling posts and weekly memes to keep up the new posts on my blog… Because if I have to be honest I have been having mixed feelings about blogging for a while now. Trust me, it isn’t the blogging community; love you all! ❤ But somehow I’m not having as much fun with it all as before. Too much ARC pressure? Should I slow down with social media? Stop posting every day? Make some drastic changes? Take a break? I’m not sure. But again I’m feeling the need to do SOMETHING, because I realised during the weekend (in which I barely had time to read let alone blog) that I have been neglecting my personal life to keep up with my blog.

So I’m reaching out to all of you with the questions: has this ever happened to you before? And what did you do to improve things and make blogging work for you? I’m getting pretty desperate here! 😅

It’s All About Books goes #Litsy !!

Confession: I hadn’t heard about this bookish App until earlier this week. I’m not sure if I’ve been living under a rock or if it’s just that I don’t really use a lot of Apps in general on my phone… But after having great experiences joining both Twitter and Instagram this year, I decided to give this one a go.

What is Litsy all about? It’s a free App you can download on your phone and share book reviews, quotes and other bookish posts with fellow book lovers. As the official Litsy website puts it:

I’ve been asking around about this App on Twitter and people seem pretty positive about Litsy… So It’s All About Books now officially has its own Litsy page!

Feel free to follow me at yvo_about_books . (The same username as my Twitter and Instagram accounts)

So far I’ve managed to spam my new account with a bunch of reviews of a few of my favorite reads, but I will keep uploading new content during the next few weeks.

Feel free to add me if you have a Litsy account! I will always follow back. 🙂


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Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge; Take Two?

Ok, so this happened the other day. Somehow I have managed to reach the magical mark of 100 read books not even six full months into 2017!! I already knew I was probably going to reach the mark with time to spare after having read 194! books last year and 185! in 2015, but still… I can’t believe it is not even July yet and I had to renew my Goodreads challenge already.

Who doesn’t love the Goodreads stats page?! I’m shocked by just how many books have received either a 4 or 5 star rating this year… Normally I have way more books with a lower rating, so I’m definitely happy to see this stat every time I visit this page. Shows that I’ve been quite lucky with my reads this year I guess. Another fun fact: no less than 74 books were actually ARCs. I really have to read more of my own books in the second half of 2017!

I wasn’t sure how much I should increase my Goodreads challenge, but I’ve decided to not stress myself too much and change it into 175 books. Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge; Take Two… Here we go!

Somehow I’m still 20 books ahead of schedule, so if I manage to keep up the same pace I will be ending up having to change it once again. xD I seriously don’t know how on earth I’ve been able to read this much so far haha.

Have you joined the Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge? How are you doing so far? Feel free to comment! 🙂


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Say hello to little Delilah Bard!

Those who follow my Twitter/Instagram account might have already noticed, but after long thinking we decided to adopt another kitten last Thursday. Meet little Delilah Bard, Lila for short! (And yes, that’s a Shades Of Magic reference. 😀 ) The poor thing was found abandoned when she was a baby and is now about six weeks old…  Adopted from the local animal rescue center.

She’s already feeling at home and shows her strong personality: strong-willed, adventurous, always looking for trouble, afraid of nothing and a true survivor, just like the original Delilah Bard. ❤

Photo spam ahead!!

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Scaling The ARC Mountain

I’m sure just about every semi-serious bookblogger has at least heard about them: ARCs (or Advanced Review Copies). I would never ever have guessed a few years ago, but the start of my book blog journey also ment I was slowly introduced to the whole world of ARCs. Free review copies in exchange for an honest review… It sounds like every booklover’s dream right? And to be honest, my heart still skips a beat every time I receive a new ARC. BUT. Even though I feel honored to be receiving books for free just because I share my rambles with the blogosphere afterwards, things are starting to get REALLY out of control. (Ok, they have been out of control for a long time haha). Right now, I basically feel like I’m buried under a huge pile of ARCs!

In January, I made a promise to myself to get my pending ARCs more organized and I’ve been trying to get back on track ever since. Here’s how:

Step 1: create a Excel spreadsheet with an ARC schedule.

I guess my Excel skills are pretty basic, but at least it gets the job done. 😉 Pending ARCs are separated by publish date and I start marking them as I read/review them… When I finish a whole month, I get to paint it black. Each ARC has the title, author, source, publish date or date I received it and a read/reviewed option. I’m still hopelessly behind but I’m slowly getting there!

Step 2: Read like a maniac!

Basically, this has been me since January. I’ve been trying to race through my ARCs ever since my promise to get back on track… In fact, out of the 41 books I’ve finished to this date a whopping 64% have been ARCs. I feel bad about neglecting all those other books I’ve been wanting to read, but with a little luck I should be able to squeeze in a few next month.  Another bonus: this ARC reading madness means I’m finally back at a 82% Netgalley ratio!!! 😀 😀

Step 3: Join challenges to help your goal

There are probably a lot of similar challenges out there, but this is the one I signed up for: 2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge. It’s a fun challenge where you can set your own goals, and it’s definitely a great way to keep track of all those ARCs you read. I made my own list of ARCs as well since I wanted to include non-NG ARCs as well.

Step 4: Don’t request too many new titles at once

Most Netgalley users will probably be able to relate… It’s been less than a year since I signed up for Netgalley, but it has become my main source for ARCs ever since. Although I still love the surprise mails by both authors and publishers of course, and I’ve discovered another page (Reading Alley) as well. (I tried Edelweiss, but it’s just too complicated to use for now). Netgalley is both user friendly and offers a wide variety of books. Sure, as a non US/UK/Australia user not all of my requests are approved… But there are still more than enough titles available. And that’s the danger right there: there are so many books available, and it is REALLY easy to request a whole pile of books just like that. Which leads to the so-called ARC mountain and a lot of extra stress during the struggle to finish them all on time. The best advice is to try and refrain from requesting too many titles at a time, and only request those you would buy in the first place. But I know for a fact that is easier said than done. 😉

What is your experience with ARCs? And how do you control your ARC mountain?


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