Title: Life Of Pi
Author: Yann Martel
First published: September 11th 2001
Finished reading: June 18th 2013
Pages: 319

The book is divided into two parts: before and after the sinking of the Japonese cargo ship. We follow Piscine, or Pi, through his childhood where his dad’s zoo and the exploring of three important religions play a key part. This first part is a bit slow, but essential in understanding the spirituality of Pi. After the cargo ship sinks, only one lifeboat remains with the only survivors being Pi, a spotted hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, an orangutan and a bengal tiger called Richard Parker. Soon enough only Richard Parker and Pi remain, and the boy survives against all odds his many days on the lifeboat. He survives many challenges and manages to train Richard Parker, all with the help of his own spirituality. A story you want to be true, but deep inside you know it isn’t. The end shows it all; suddenly you can see the symbolism used by Yann Martel throughout the book. And it’s up to you what to believe… Imagine a tiger on a lifeboat, or see the ugly truth? I think I prefer to keep on dreaming.