Title: Pop Goes The Weasel
(Alex Cross Series #5)

Author: James Patterson
First published: 1999
Finished reading: August 8th 2013
Pages: 486

James Patterson is one of my favorite writers in the sense that his books give a garantuee for entertainment and easy reading. Pop Goes The Weasel didn’t let me down. Although the storyline is intriguing, there is only one which is strange for Patterson. Still, since it’s quite a complicated storyline, it didn’t bother me. The story centers around a fantasy game called The Four Horsemen, where four British agents are involved. This book questions the morality of diplomatic immunity where British agents go bad and their immunity makes it almost impossible for Alex Cross and the police to catch them. The most import character, Death or Geoffrey Shafer, lives an double life; behind his happy family image he leads an irresponsible life full of drugs, adulterly and murder. No one can stop him, or at least he thinks so… Until he kidnaps Alex Cross’ fiancee and things get ugly.

If you are not looking for the next brilliant masterpiece and just want a few hours of easy entertaining, this book might be for you. It’s nothing too complicated, it has action and before you know it you are at the last page already. Not bad at all.