Friday Finds #26 – March 6th


FRIDAY FINDS is originally featured at Should Be Reading and showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last week and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. I’m still on a book buying ban, but I cannot help adding new titles to my virtual TBR list anyway! Before I continue with this week’s additions, first a kitty update… They’re five weeks old and already show their own personalities! I’m keeping the black one, his name is Tommy after the Tom&Jerry TV series I used to love when I was a kid… I know he isn’t grey like Tom, but he has the white tail tip and all. 😉 The grey one still hasn’t an owner, but the other two are already adopted… I love the beige one, he’s so fluffy! ❤



On to my finds:


21 thoughts on “Friday Finds #26 – March 6th

    • I think I actually ‘found’ Shadow Scale when I was reading your WWW Wednesday post! 😀 I still have to read the first in the series as well, but both books are definitely high on my wishlist.

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    • The cover of The Experiment Of Dreams is what really caught my eye as well! The blurb sounds interesting as well, so I will definitely try to buy a copy soon.


    • Tommy is adorable and a really fast runner! It’s actually the beige one that’s been following me around everywhere, but I already promised him to someone else…
      The cover of The Experiment Of Dreams instantly made me want to read this book; hopefully it will live up to expectations!

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  1. Your kittens are absolutely adorable!!! Was this the first time your kitty had kittens? I wish I could take one home, no pets allowed at our current place of residence.

    Ahahaha love that you are given yourself a book ban! I should probably do that too 😛

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    • It was actually the second time (and last, last week the vet castrated her)… It’s probably for the best because my dog is trying to use the kittens as a toy and that probably wouldn’t end well. He’s only 7 months old, but quite big (he’s a german shepherd cross breed) and doesn’t know it’s own strenght. 😉 It’s a shame there aren’t pet allowed at your residence! I love having animals around, especially my cats. 🙂

      The book ban is not working 100% but at least I was able to bring down the size of my physical TBR a bit… Although it’s still over 70 haha. I guess book buying bans in general just don’t work. 😉

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      • That is one intimidating list!!! I’ve sort of stopping writing down all the books I need to read because it can get pretty overwhelming and I feel like I make little progress.
        You have a puppy too? Lets see the photos ! I used to have a German Shepherd cross with a Rottweiler, he was such a smart and cute dog but very much a guard dog! Sadly he passed away a few years ago now, but he liked until he was 13 though so a decent life span!

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      • Yeah, it does get depressing sometimes having so many books that are still waiting to be read… And I’m not even counting my Goodreads TBR which is easily over 500 titles haha.

        And 13 is a pretty normal life span, although it’s always sad when a pet passes away… My dog Paco was actually dumped on the street and we decided to take him in, so I don’t know exactly what cross breed he is, but he looks quite similar to a German Shepherd. Here’s a photo of all the animals currently running around at my place; Paco is the one second-to-last on the left, the last on the left actually belongs to my inlaws who live next door. 🙂

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      • She actually belongs to my inlaws and spends most of her time inside, but she’s hilarious. She’s a bit afraid of Paco though haha.


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