Friday Finds #29 – March 27th


FRIDAY FINDS is originally featured at Should Be Reading and showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last week and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. Last week was my birthday and I promptly forgot about my TBR downsizing promise… Book buying ban; what book buying ban?! *whistles* These are a few of my new finds this week. I will probably do a proper Stacking The Shelves update or two later on to show more of my new ebook goodies I’m excited about. (And my shiny new kindle my hubby gave me for me birthday! 😀 )

My finds this week:


11 thoughts on “Friday Finds #29 – March 27th

  1. I don’t even know what a book buying ban is, haha. Anytime I swear I am on one, I end up buying a bunch of books. sigh. It’s a vicious cycle and I think I am just never going to say I am on a book buying ban because we all know that’s not true. lol! That’s awesome about the new Kindle! 🙂

    Awesome finds! I love the covers too! They all sound like such good reads. I am adding them all to my list. 🙂

    Here are mine:

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    • Haha that’s so true! I managed to not buy books for two months, and then ended up buying more triple the amount I would have bought normally… Total failure! 😉

      I’m glad you liked my finds enough to add them to your list! I’m probably going to read them within the next few months, although I have so many new titles I’m excited about that it will be hard to choose what to read next.

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      • I probably would have done the same and bought triple the amount, lol. Can’t wait to see how you like them! I decided to make a book jar type thing to draw my next reads. I want to see how that works out and hopefully that’ll help to be able to actually decide what to read. I’m thinking of doing a second jar for the books I own and the books I don’t own yet. That way I don’t always have to buy the next read.

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      • I’ve just updated my TBR jar as well with all the new titles I have on my TBR pile… It only has the titles I own though, because if I have to add all the titles I’ve added at Goodreads it would take me ages to write them all down haha. Over 600 titles on my wishlist… 😉

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      • I wasn’t going to use my Goodreads list, but I noticed that you can export the list to excel. So I did that and then added borders around the cells, printed, and cut them all out lol. So I’m only handwriting new adds. Cutting 600 strips of paper seems like a lot though too! lol. Or do some each day. lol.

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      • Haha that does help, although it’s still a quite impossible list… My owned TBR pile is already way to long now with 195! titles on it. I guess I should just forget about eating and sleeping and just read 24/7 lol. 😉

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