32 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays #85 – April 6th

  1. Hope your injury heals soon (though, what is a bit of injury when you could read books all day? =p)

    I’ve read mixed reviews about All the Birds in the Sky. I’ve read the first pages then put it on hold for other books.

    And while you’re sick of love triangles, I’m aching for one. Like, a good one. lol Happy reading!

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    • Haha true; it did make me finish tons of books since last week. 😉 And I’m not sure what to think of All The Birds In The Sky… I thought it was an adult novel, but the beginning reads more like a middle grade story. I’m going to keep reading just to see where things go, since a lot of reviews mentioned it’s a ‘weird’ story in the first place.
      And I’m probably not the best person to ask for a book with a good love triangle haha, but I agree that when they’re well done I don’t really mind them. Happy reading!

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  2. I hurt my foot (my horse stood on it) a couple of months ago and I’m still struggling to walk so I feel your pain. It is good having an excuse to sit around and read all day though 😉

    No love triangle in ADSOM so you should be ok.

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    • Ouch! Luckily my knee isn’t that bad this time and I should go back to walking normally by next week or so… But I understand your pain; I had a pretty bad ankle injury a few years back that left me limping for months. At least we’re able to read more so that’s something. 😉
      I’m glad to hear ADSOM doesn’t have a love triangle! I will definitely pick it up soon then. 😀

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    • It’s not necessarily a bad read, but it just wasn’t for me. Too religious, two storylines that don’t connect until the very end and characters I wasn’t convinced by… Not as good as I would have hoped. I guess it won’t be the first time I end up having an unpopular opinion about a book haha. 😉


    • Good to hear you enjoyed The Girl In The Ice; I’m really looking forward to it! Ice Like Fire wasn’t nearly as good as Snow Like Ashes, but the worldbuilding is without doubt interesting. 🙂

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  3. I am sorry about your knee injury.Are you better now?I hope so.

    I haven’t read any of the books on your list but I look forward to your review of The Girl in the Ice.It has been reccomended to me a couple of times.

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  4. I hope your knee heals quickly! Both of those books you are currently reading have gorgeous covers! I need to check both of them out. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on A Darker Shade of Magic. People rave so much about it so I bought it a month ago but haven’t had time to start it yet.

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    • Thanks! I should be back to walking normal next week… All The Birds In The Sky isn’t quite what I was expecting, but a lot of reviews did call it a ‘weird’ read so I’m curious to find out how things continue…
      I have been wanting to read A Darker Shade Of Magic for so long now and I don’t think I’ve seen a negative review out there so far… Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

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  5. I’m sure other people have already answered this, but there is no love triangle in either ADSoM or its sequel, so don’t worry about picking it up.
    I’m glad you were able to get a lot of reading in, but I hope your knee feels better now!
    Thanks for visiting my WWW post, and happy reading!

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  6. I really liked Not If I See You First, but I wasn’t too thrilled about the love triangle. The love triangle was a bit weird too. I really hope to read A Darker Shade of Magic soon!

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    • Thanks! Needing to ‘rest’ my knee is one of the best excuses to read all day lol, although I can’t wait to walk normally again. 😉 If you’re interested in books about cyberbullying, definitely read Random! Other interesting titles on the (cyber)bullying I’ve read so far would be Tease, Thirteen Reasons Why and Nothing Everything Nothing…
      I hope you’ll enjoy your books this week!

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