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It took me literally years, but I can now finally say that I’ve started reading The Stand by Stephen King!! I’m actually going through it way faster than I thought I would (I’m currently about a third in), and I will probably end up finishing a lot sooner than planned. I’ve also started The Extraordinary Hope Of Dawn Brightside by Jessica Ryn as my first 20 Books Of Summer title.


1. Harry Potter En De Steen Der Wijzen by J.K. Rowling (4/5 stars) NO REVIEW (REREAD)
I was in the mood for another Harry Potter reread, and decided to read the Dutch translation of the first book on a whim. A double bonus, as I hadn’t read the Dutch version in years and years and I didn’t like the other options I had for my Dutch read of the year… I still hate the translations of the names/special words related to the magical world, but as a whole I managed to fly through it way faster than I thought I would. I guess knowing the story by heart does make up for my rusty Dutch haha.

2. A Carrion Death by Michael Stanley (4/5 stars) REVIEW
After finally meeting Detective Kubu in the prequel Facets Of Death in last month, I knew I wanted to return to the series very soon. I fell in love with both the Botswana/South Africa setting and the main character Kubu himself, and I’ve been looking forward to return to the series to see what will happen to Kubu and the other characters in the first book. And I most definitely liked what I found! While I do have to say that the story is a tad too long and drawn out, as a whole I still had a great time reading this story.

3. The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (3/5 stars) REVIEW 06/06
I really enjoyed reading his debut The Silent Patient, so I’ve been highly anticipating his newest title The Maidens… The fact that I always love a Greek mythology element in my stories was a bonus of course. Sadly I ended up feeling rather underwhelmed by this story instead. Unlikeable and underdeveloped characters, a surprisingly dull plot, an underwhelming ending… And also so many red herrings that it only distracts from the story instead of adding suspense. I seem to be in the minority though, so definitely don’t give up on my account.


I’m trying to get my ARC obligations out of the way early, so I will probably pick up July blog tour read The Lucky Eight by Sheila Bugler soon. The blurb sounds fantastic so I have high hopes for it! And after enjoying the first Bluebell Castle book, I wanted to read the rest of the trilogy soon while I still remember the main characters, so my next romance read will be Sunshine Over Bluebell Castle by Sarah Bennett. I also can’t resist continuing the DI Kim Stone series so book four Play Dead by Angela Marsons will be up next… I’m going to read my latest TBR jar pick Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter first though.

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