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I’ve finally picked up the next Rivers Of London sequel Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch, which is also my fourth 20 Books Of Summer title. And as I’m not always in the mood for physical copies, I’m also starting 20 Books Of Summer read number five: The Beekeeper Of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri. I’ve been looking forward to both!


1. The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham (2/5 stars) REVIEW 28/06
I have a weak spot for 20th century historical fiction and I don’t think I’ve read all that many stories focused on the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the Cold War before. It was one of the reasons I instantly caved when I was invited to read The Girl Behind The Wall. I’ve had mixed reactions to her books in the past, but I had high hopes for this newest story as it focuses on a topic I’m highly interested in… Sadly, it wasn’t ment to be. More about why this story didn’t work for me in my review.

2. People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry (4/5 stars) REVIEW
I’ve been really looking forward to Emily Henry‘s newest adult contemporary romance title ever since I read and enjoyed Beach Read last year. There has been a lot of hype around People We Meet On Vacation, and I tend to be wary when it comes to hyped books as we don’t tend to get along… But I’m glad to say that this story turned out to be an exception to the rule. True, I still prefer Beach Read, but People We Meet On Vacation has a lot of elements I loved and it’s the perfect summer read.

3. The Hollows by Mark Edwards (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW 24/06
I’ve been highly anticipating The Hollows as I’m a big fan of Mark Edwards‘ writing, and his newest story has once again confirmed to me why he is one of my favorite thriller authors. It was literally hook, line and sinker as soon as I started reading the first chapter, and I kept turning page after page as I simply couldn’t stop reading. Suspenseful, twisted, highly engaging and with a hint of the occult: this story isn’t afraid to go dark while keeping you entertained you along the way. Without doubt a new favorite!

4. Love At First Fight by Mary Jayne Baker (2/5 stars) REVIEW 29/07
After really enjoying The Runaway Bride earlier this year I simply couldn’t resist returning to Mary Jayne Baker‘s writing; especially since her newest story promises to deliver the ‘enemy to lover‘ trope I tend to enjoy when done right. I’ve been looking forward to Love At First Fight ever since, and I’m still surprised myself I ended up struggling with this story instead of having a great time with it… But there were various reasons why this story and me simply weren’t ment to be.

5. The Stand by Stephen King (4/5 stars) REVIEW 26/06
Oh yes, I’ve finally beaten this book giant! I’ve been meaning to read The Stand for years now, but somehow never actually did so as its whopping 1327 pages (extended version) were simply too intimidating. But 2021 turned out to be the year I finally picked it up, and I ended up having a great time reading this story. Sure, I do think it’s overlong and some parts dragged a little, but as a whole it was an excellent reading experience and it was surprisingly easy to read for such a large tome once I got to know the huge cast of characters.


After my recent fail with a Cold War themed book, I do hope my next Cold War ARC works better for me… Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook by Celia Rees was actually published last year, but it somehow wasn’t on my radar before and I couldn’t resist when I received the invitation to read it. Afterwards, it’s time for a reread of The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon in preparation for the ARC of the sequel I will be reading soon. I absolutely loved this book the first time around, and I couldn’t resist reading it again even though I still remember most of the story. If I still have time before the end of the month, I will probably read The Castaways by Lucy Clarke after that. (If not, I need to see to a July blog tour read first). My newest TBR jar pick Red Winter by Dan Smith will have to wait until next month as I have other physical copies I need to get to first.

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