Title: Tragic Magic
(A Scrapbooking Mystery #7)
Author: Laura Childs
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Crime
First published: September 3rd 2009
Finished reading: July 16th 2013
Pages: 280

Rating 2qqq


One of the big advantages of working in a hostel is the access to the hostel book exchange. I have found many gems in the past and always try any new potentially interesting books. Unfortunately, Tragic Magic wasn’t any of those lucky finds. I didn’t really enjoy this one, especially since the whole plot just didn’t seem credible. Sure, it’s a short and easy read and probably perfect for a vacation, and I guess that’s how it ended up on those hostel shelves in the first place. But to say it’s a great read? I think I would pick up a different mystery story instead. This novel by Laura Childs is actually the seventh in a series, but I didn’t have any problems following the main story without having read the previous ones. If you like scrapbooking and are looking for new recipes to try out, Tragic Magic might be worth the try, but I wouldn’t pick it up if you are just in the mood for a good mystery read.


Carmela is the owner of the Memory Mine scrapbook shop and always happy to help her scrapbooking clients with newest tips and techniques. One day Carmela and her close friend Ava (owner of Jujo Voodoo) are askes to help convert an old mansion into a haunting house, and they accept the offer. Their client Melody wants to change the house into the Medusa Manor for an upcoming horror convention in New Orleans… Everything goes according to plan until the day Melody dies on the masion’s ground; her flaming body was seen falling down the tower window. Things become complicated as the two friends try to find out what happened. They also decide to continue the proyect Melody left behind, but isn’t the house too spooky after all?


The general idea of Tragic Magic might sound interesting, but all in all this turned out to be quite a weak mystery read. If you like scrapbooking and want some new recipes, this novel by Laura Childs might still worth the try, but I personally won’t be continuing this series any time soon. It’s an easy read, but there are way better (cozy) mystery stories out there.