Title: Hothouse Orchid
(Holly Barker Series #6)
Author: Stuart Woods
First published: 2009
Finished reading: July 31st 2013
Pages: 377

This book is part of the Holly Barker series, with Special Agent Barker as a protagonist. In this one, Barker was send on a long vacation by the CIA after she let international terrorist Teddy Fay escape for the second time. She returns to her home town of Orchid Beach in Florida. She had been police chief there for many years and was well known in the area. A few surprises wait her though when she arrives in Orchid Beach though… A serial raper and murderer is on the loose, posing as a cop to get close to the victims. Since she has a lot of contacts in the area, she starts to get involved in the investigation, and almost ends up as a victim herself. Meanwhile, she has too deal with various ghosts of the past…

An unspiring story, with lots of cliches and too many chance-meetings to make for a plausible story. This book is one for the pile of easy reading books, but still there are other titles which I would read first before reading this one. It lacks dept and the relationships described in the book are not really credible. All in all not a great success as far as I’m concerned.