Title: Petals On The Wind
(Dollanganger Series #2)

Author: V.C. Andrews
First published: 1980
Finished reading: August 2nd 2013
Pages: 439

I didn’t know this book was part of the Dollenganger series when I started it, but I was able to understand the situation without many difficulties. I didn’t really enjoy the story though. Too bizarre, and the main heroine Cathy is just ‘too much’ for me. As one of the four Dollenganger children being hidden away in the attic of a mansion, she sure had a messed up childhood. But seriously, does that have to lead to an unhealthy relationship with her brother and any man crossing her path? She is eaten away by revenge, trying to get even with her evil mother and grandmother. What I understand is that their time in the attic distroyed them, but the characters for me aren’t likeable at all (except maybe the ‘kindly’ doctor), and do many things that are close to disgusting. Even though this can be explained by their trauma, this book wasn’t satisfying for me to read. Even the end wasn’t satisfying; the final revenge Cathy got wasn’t as good as I would have thought or liked, and didn’t make up for all the horrible facts discribed by Andrews before that. All in all I would definitely not read this book again.