Title: LEFT Neglected
Author: Lisa Genova
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Psychology
First published: January 4th 2011
Finished reading: January 13th 2014
Pages: 322

Rating 3,5

“Bob keeps insisting that I can do anything I put my mind to. But he’s referring to my old mind. My new mind is broken and doesn’t give a whack about the left or my old mind’s reputation for success.”


When I started reading this novel by Lisa Genova, I was worried it was going to be a proper chick lit and I was going to waste my time on it. (Those who know me, know I don’t like that genre.) But LEFT Neglected turned out to be a decent read with some interesting details about a condition I had never heard of before: left neglect. I have a degree in philology and therefore I have studied cases of brain damage before, although only those related to speech and language disability. The interesting part of this book is that Lisa Genova shows us the patient view on the recovery process, and the painstaking struggle with the condition on a daily basis. Without doubt an interesting story and recommended if you enjoy reading contemporary fiction and  books on psychology and the consequences of brain damage.


Sarah Nickerson is a succesful business woman and mom at the same time. She has a far too busy schedule without time to even breath, but she is able to manage it all quite well. Her job as a VP of human resources at Berkley Consulting takes up most of her life with more than 80 hours per week, and together with her also hard working husband Bob they try to raise their three kids. A rather normal life, until one day Sarah gets a car accident and suffers from brain damage. Her right brain half is affected, and suddenly the whole left side of her world disappears. She can no longer see anything on the left, and is no longer aware the left side of her body exists. Her life comes to a halt and see is forced to see things in a different light. Together with professionals and her long lost mother, they try to fight the left neglect condition and get her functioning as normal and independent as possible again. But process somes slowly, and Sarah is forced to compromise. She will have to find and accept a new way of life, since she won’t be able to go back to Berkley Consulting…


LEFT Neglected focuses on the patient view and shows how difficult it can be having to learn to live with brain damage. It’s an interesting story and above all a nice way to learn more about this rather unknown brain injury condition!