Two years ago I was curious about which authors would be on my ‘frequent-read‘ list, and I started putting together this post… But somehow I never actually finished or posted it, until now that is. Thanks to my Listing The Reading By Author post it wasn’t all too difficult to put together this list in the end, and I definitely loved seeing the results. Not all my absolute favorite authors made the list, as a lot simply haven’t published this many books yet, but are you ready to discover which author I’ve read most books of since I started this blog?


VICTORIA SCHWAB!!! No surprise here as she is one of my absolute favorite authors and I LOVE her books… I’ve actually read all of her available titles so far (13 books), and I already can’t wait for the next one. I know there are graphic novels I could read until then, but as I’m not a big fan of those I won’t count them. 😉 Below all thirteen titles I’ve read so far!

>>> The second place is actually a tie between three authors, all with 12 books: COLLEEN HOOVER, K.L. SLATER and CAROL WYER. <<<


I seem to have a love/hate relationship with her books, as I LOVE some of her stories while others somehow don’t work for me at all… I’ve read 12 of her books so far (I counted the Never Never series as one) and I have quite a few more of her titles on my TBR, so I guess she will always be on this list in the future too.


I’m a huge fan of her psychological thrillers, and I’ve read almost every single one of her books so far… The only reason I might have skipped one or two was just because I wasn’t in the mood for the genre.


I’ve been a fan of her detective thrillers ever since I read the first one, and I know this list will keep growing as I already have the first book of her newest series ready to read on my kindle for the blog tour next year…

>>> The third place is another tie with no less than five authors with 10 books read: RACHEL AMPHLETT, SHALINI BOLAND, AMY HARMON, STEPHEN KING and LISA REGAN. <<<


I’ve been a Kay Hunter fan ever since I read the first book, and I always will be… I have loved everything she writes so far!


This is another of my favorite psychological thriller authors and I’ve been a fan ever since I read her first title back in 2016… I haven’t read all her titles yet, mostly because I haven’t been in the mood for the genre lately, but the books I’ve tried so far were all brilliant!


She is hands down one of my absolute favorite authors and I love just how unique and mindblowingly good each new title is. I still have a few backlist titles left, and I also can’t wait to read her newest when it publishes next year!


He has so many books published that it is no surprise he made it to his list… I seem to be having mixed reactions to his books, but some are on my list of all time favorites. I also have quite a few still on my TBR…


She writes one of my favorite detective series, and one I’ve been following since the start… I’ve read all ten books published so far, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. And don’t those covers look gorgeous together?!

These are the nine authors I’ve read most books of since I started my blog back in 2012… Do we share any favorites? Which authors do you think you have read most books of?

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