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I’m currently reading a romance story written by fellow book blogger Claire Huston: Elle’s A To Z Of Love. I’ve been looking forward to this one! I’m also starting Stranded by Sarah Goodwin, which will be my final pending ARC due before November.


1. A Baffling Murder At The Midsummer Ball by T.E. Kinsey (4/5 stars) REVIEW
I really enjoyed my time with the first Dizzy Heights cozy mystery earlier this year, so it was an easy decision to read the sequel as well. Add the fact that A Baffling Murder At The Midsummer Ball is basically a locked room murder mystery, and this sequel became even more irresistible… And I definitely ended up having a brilliant time reading it. Both the 1920s setting and the jazz element add extra flavor to what is already an entertaining mystery, and this series is quickly turning into a new favorite.

2. Her Deadly Touch by Lisa Regan (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW
It feels like I keep repeating myself when it comes to this series, but there is no doubt that Detective Josie Quinn is one of my favorite detective thrillers series and one that never seems to let me down. I always feel a little giddy inside whenever a new Josie Quinn becomes available, and I have been even more desperate to get my hands on the newest sequel after what happened in the previous book. Her Deadly Touch is already book number twelve of a series that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It’s another winner to add to the list!

3. The Library by Bella Osborne (3/5 stars) REVIEW 31/08
I’ve been looking forward to read The Library ever since I first heard about it, both because I love stories with a bookish element and because I like books with an older main character involved. I thought that this contemporary would be a perfect fit for me, but while there were definitely aspects of the story I really liked, as a whole I ended up having mixed thoughts instead. It’s not a bad read and I see why other people enjoyed the story better, but there were a couple things that prevented me from enjoying the story to the fullest.

4. The Chateau by Catherine Cooper (3/5 stars) REVIEW 27/07
I really enjoyed my first experience with Catherine Cooper‘s writing last year in The Chalet, and I’ve been looking forward to read more of her work. I admit that I was sold as soon as I read the blurb of The Chateau. I love an international setting and the idea of having a French chateau as a setting and a murder to boot sounded like the perfect premise for a story. I’m still not sure what happened and it might simply not be the right story for me at the moment, but the fact is that I somehow didn’t enjoy The Chateau as much as I thought I would.

5. The Noise by J.D. Barker & James Patterson (4/5 stars) REVIEW 05/08
I’m a huge fan of J.D. Barker‘s writing, so I couldn’t pass up on an invitation to read his newest collab story. I don’t really care that much about James Patterson‘s books, but luckily The Noise seems pure J.D. Barker style and it is without doubt a highly disturbing, twisted and action-packed ride. It feels like you are reading an almost dystopian Hollywood action movie script, and it’s a story that will keep you entertained the whole way.


In theory I can take a break from ARCs after the current titles as there are no immediate deadlines anymore… But I’ve decided to read at least The Hidden by Melanie Golding and maybe even If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales & Cale Dietrich and Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza as this would mean I would finally hit that mythical 100% ratio mark on Netgalley afterwards. That certainly never happened before! xD If I need a break from ARCs, I will probably pick up A Dog’s Promise by W. Bruce Cameron so I can finish the final series to complete my yearly series goal.

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